Working in Antarctica and Hadley hats

Red shed bedroom refurbishment

Over the course of the winter, in addition to their normal maintenance tasks, the trades team have been working on the refurbishment of the red shed bedrooms. This is completed in stages and, as rooms are renovated, expeditioners move from an old room into the new rooms. This cycle will continue most of the winter.

This is a challenging task as all the cabinetry and building materials such as paint, carpet, light fittings and even the screws have to be delivered at resupply. There is no running down to the local hardware to get that one item you forgot. The infrastructure team at head office put a lot of time and effort in to pre-planning to ensure the team on station have all they need. Inevitably there is something that has not been accounted for or missed, so the talented team on station make the item or improvise to keep the project moving forward. The station has a well equipped workshop with some generic building materials to help in unforeseen times.

When I arrived at brunch after taking the photos, I could see why there was not a tradie to be seen at the construction site (see photo "brunch").

Hadley hats art project

Hadley started her arts project in 2016 and then spent the next two years knitting 15 hats for the 2019 wintering expeditioners. Since then Hadley has knitted 4 hats each year for the Mawson wintering team, taking her inspiration from expeditioner photos posted in the station updates. Three of the hats go to Mawson expeditioners and the forth hat is actioned on the Mawson return voyage to Australia, with all money raised going to Camp Quality.

This season Mawson station conducted a lucky draw for the 3 Mawson hats, with expeditioners making a small donation to the Mawson Dry July campaign to enter. The Dry July team of 6, along with awesome support from family, friends and Hadley hats, raised over $5,600 for cancer research.Thank you to everyone who supported the Mawson Dry July team.