It's all about stools at Mawson - hut stools that is

The seating arrangements are now in order

After going to a few of the huts during our first nine months, it became apparent that we didn’t really have much to sit on that wasn’t an up-turned flour bucket or the edge of a bed.

Upon making these observations, it inspired a couple of us chippies to come up with a design and set aside a time slot to make something more suitable. I set the criteria that they had to be small enough not to take up much room, fit under hut tables and be stackable. My fellow chippie Timmy took it on as a challenge and powered forward with a final design and construction. Then the question arose “What colour do you think we should paint them?”

After a few short discussions, we had the idea of giving anyone who wanted to on station an opportunity to put their personal artistic talents to work, and paint an individual stool as they pleased. The results were as varied as the artists themselves.

Once the artwork is complete, the new stools will be taken out to a couple of the huts to be enjoyed by many future expeditioners, act as a conversation starter and maybe even inspire others to construct their own and take them to other huts.

Until next time,

Cheers, Danny P.