We prepare for midwinter and travel to the plateau behind station.

Two trips off station

On Saturday we farewelled the sun as it set for the last time for a few weeks. We won’t see it again until June 29, when it will rise again for just over twenty minutes!

So we’re now settling into the dark down here at Mawson, although we still get a little bit of twilight in the middle of the day when the sun is just below the horizon. It’ll keep getting darker until Midwinter’s day, which is next Monday, June 21 (gee, that’s racing up quick!). Everyone is now busily preparing for the big Midwinter’s celebration next week (especially our awesome chef, Kez!).

Fortunately we managed to score some lovely weather last weekend, got to stretch our legs and enjoy the dwindling light before it disappeared. The winds dropped and the clouds parted, so a few groups ventured up to the plateau - we do love it when the weather plays along on our days off!

Aaron, Danny, Timmy and Dane ventured out to Rumdoodle hut and the next day Ryan, Adam, Davey and I made it to Mount Henderson.

It was the first time up there for several of us, having only recently completed survival training. So there were some very happy faces to be up there exploring these new horizons at the icy reaches of the deep south!