A team heads out into the field

Servicing remote penguin cameras

This month has been busy servicing 15 remote penguin camera installations spread throughout the Mawson coast line and located on various Islands. This task takes several days to complete due to the distances between the sites.

This week a team of four consisting of Trev, Kate, Kezz and Mark headed out to the Rookery Islands and the Forbes Glacier to service six remote penguin camera installations. These installations stay out in the field all year round and are visited twice a year. Each camera site needs to be checked over including testing the battery voltage, checking the date and time on the camera, swapping out the SD card on the camera with a blank card and making sure that the installation will be able to last through the important breeding stage of the Adélie penguins. The used SD card images are then uploaded to Hobart to be analysed.

A lot of the camera sites have some stunning views and when coupled with a low wind and a blue sky day, all makes for an awesome day out at Mawson.