Expeditioners explore and find some hidden gems

Hiking the hills

Darron and Frank recently headed out into the field to do some exploring. First up was some trekking in the vicinity of Patterned Lake at the northern end of the Central Masson range, where we discovered a couple of speccy hidden valleys.

We finished up the day by exploring a wind scour on the western side of the Central Masson range, before retiring to Rumdoodle hut for the night to relax and enjoy some well-earned Fray Bentos pies.

The next day we headed down to the South Masson range and circumnavigated Mt Burnett, with a side trip up a nearby speccy wind scour, before returning back to station just in time for the New Year’s Eve spa event.

More recently, a party of four (Darron / Frank / Wayne / Shane) spent a solid day walking up Mt Parsons to enjoy the views and the good weather. The views of the seemingly endless solid chunky fast ice were impressive.

The next day, Darron / Frank / Dave headed out to Henderson hut for the night, primarily to consume more Fray Bentos pies, although the views were pretty special there too.

Darron Lehmann (Met Tech)