More field training and Friday drinks at Rosella.

Life gets in to a rhythm on station

We want to give a big shout-out to all the mums at home who have family members on station, we appreciate all that you do. Watch the AAD Mother's Day messages from station.

We are getting through more of our field training at Mawson and we had another trip off station this week to Beche Island. There was not a breath of wind as we walked across the sea ice and enjoyed the wonderful views looking back to station with the mountains behind. It’s always great to get back to station and enjoy a hot meal and warm shower after sleeping out in temperatures below -25 degrees.

More power saving measures on station as we closely monitor buildings where the heat has been turned down. Some buildings respond well and others need a helping hand.

The chippies opened up the Rosella workshop for Friday night drinks and it was a night to be had with plenty of games to keep us entertained whilst enjoying pizza.

Everyone on station has enjoyed the hydroponics first crop of lettuce in a delicious subway-style roll from our famous chef. Kerryn does whip up some pretty good meals!