Brought to you by our humble station stalwarts

Mawson Carpenters 2021

Mawson research station, Antarctica - the longest continually operated station in Antarctica. Established in 1954 Mawson was Australia’s first permanent base on the Antarctic continent, a station rich in history, exploration and construction.

Carpentry - the longest continually operating trade at Mawson station Antarctica. The carpenters of Mawson were responsible for constructing the station and continue to meticulously care for its structures to this day. They were arguably the first trade to commence work on-site, erecting the first ‘post-tension buildings’ in a staggering 10 days. Work continues to be completed at this pace to date.

Well before the dark ages of ‘electrickery’ and before the Romans diverted their sewerage, the art of carpentry was born. Dating back to 4,000BC the first signs of carpentry appeared in the Stone Age when early humans created stone tools to shape wood. However, upon inspection of the Mawson carpenters, it’s hard to believe that such handsome beings could derive from such a harsh, Paleolithic era, more familiar to diesel mechanics. The carpenters could even be considered the mechanics of the early era, as they constructed and maintained husky-drawn timber sleds, the primary mode of transport at the time.

As a chisel needs a whetstone, Mawson station needs its carpenters, a coming together of the ages that will continue to write history.

Timmy and Aaron

Some of the team at Mawson station are participating in Dry July this month, raising funds for those that have been affected by cancer. If you would like to support them head to the Dry July website and search for the Mawson fundraising team.