Seals spotted, emperor penguins come to visit and a busy works program continues

Another week of work and Antarctic adventures

The weeks are flying by here on station as we get closer to the end of the winter season and our handover to the incoming team. Everyone is busy completing works programs and trying to get in those final Vestfold Hill walks and adventures.

Team dieso had their third trip to Whoop Whoop this week to drop off the groomer and make final preparations for the helicopter flying season. Now they move on to preparing the ski-way for our planes to arrive in approximately four weeks.

On Friday afternoon we had another visit from a couple of emperor penguins having a nose about the local area, which was a thrill for those of us that went down to the beach to watch them from a safe distance. They wandered around the beach for a while, checked out the wharf and some containers and then headed south towards the polynya. They looked very well fed, so life has been good for them so far!

Seal surveys are ramping up as we actually start to find seals in Long Fjord. Helen and Jordan were out on Saturday and spotted four Weddells basking on the ice. Hopefully we'll have some pups to admire soon!

Sunday afternoon a group headed out for an afternoon drive down to the Sorsdal Glacier. The sun came out for a while to help with paint those magic photos that cement the memories.