This week our doctor Dee McCormack shows us the varied colours of Mawson.

The Colours of Mawson

Having the opportunity to spend a summer season at Mawson station has been a wonderful experience. I am so grateful and feel very privileged to share this amazing place with a unique group of talented and entertaining individuals from all walks of life.

During the past few months we have seen the disappearance of both the sea ice and blizz tails around station, leaving us with a brown rocky landscape.

The sea birds have returned, along with playful, curious and courageous Adelie penguins, a smaller number of moulting but still majestic emperor penguins and an occasional much-anticipated orca appearance. The weddell seals enjoy daytime naps and basking in the sunshine and “pretending” to be asleep. We have had some amazing sea creatures wash up on shore, giving us a tiny glimpse of the treasures hidden beneath the icy waters.

I have been surprised by the amount of colour I am seeing scattered around this icy outpost, both natural and man-made.

Behind station, “up the hill” and popping out of the ice plateau we have some magnificent mountain ranges – David Range, Masson Ranges and Mount Henderson. The kinder weather of summer is allowing a bit of exploration around this spectacular location.

It won’t be long before temperatures drop, sea ice will start to form, the seals, penguins and other bird life will take off and the Nuyina will arrive to bring the 76th Anare community home.

Then, a wonderous winter will arrive at Mawson again.

- Dee Mc Cormack - Station Doctor