Distant view of colourful buildings across sea ice with a full moon behind.

Station Leaders 2023-24

Australia's new Antarctic and sub-Antarctic station leaders are gearing up… Read more

A red and white ship on rocks in a rocky bay.

Nella Dan history highlights Danish, Australian maritime links

Rasmus Nygaard was a 20-year-old deck hand on the Nella Dan when it ran… Read more

Aerial view of a cluster of buildings on a rocky outcrop surrounded by ice

AAD calls for public comment on draft Mawson Station Heritage Management Plan

The Australian Antarctic Division is seeking public comment on the Draft… Read more

An old photo from 1986 of expeditioners with an icy backdrop

Matt grew up on Antarctic adventure stories. Now he’s living them.

When Matt Travaglini was a child, he spent a lot of time repairing things… Read more

Blocks of ice in the foreground, two people in the background

After years of planning, scientists arrive and the Denman Terrestrial Campaign gets started

Scientists are arriving at Bunger Hills in East Antarctica this week to… Read more

A tractor and a convoy of vehicles traveling across the ice

Million year ice core drilling postponed

The decision has been made to postpone drilling for the Million Year Ice… Read more

A band perform on the ice in front of a big red ship

End in sight for expeditioners as RSV Nuyina heads for Hobart

After successful icebreaking trials and a station resupply that almost… Read more

A helicopter being unloaded from the back of a large grey air force plane

Air Force delivers helicopters for remote science campaign

After months of careful planning, an Air Force plane has delivered two… Read more

Two men standing outside a building and holding a piece of paper

Antarctic research to assist astronauts

New medical technologies, currently being trialled by Australian Antarctic… Read more

A man in black with a beard stands on ice in front of the Antarctic Circle sign, with a tractor in the background

Icebergs, adventure and friendships for life: Applications open for Antarctic trades

Applications have opened for tradespeople keen to work at one of… Read more

Ice landscape with bright sun

Ozone hole causes UV hazard for Australian expeditioners

The ozone hole over Antarctica opened earlier and larger than normal this… Read more

A group of expeditioners in yellow and black sit by a frozen lake with a full moon behind.

Fresh berries and a dog to pat: Antarctic expeditioners prepare for the highlights of home

Stations are being deep cleaned, planes are landing and the ship is on its… Read more

Tall white-blue ice cliffs at the edge of an ice shelf with a dark cave-like hollow at the base where the ocean has melted the ice

New Antarctic ice shelf-ocean model makes a splash

A new Antarctic ice shelf-ocean model aims to reduce uncertainty around… Read more

Two women standing in front of a large blue and white fishing vessel, tied up on a cement wharf

Fishing for science around Heard Island

Sandpaper skates, Patagonian toothfish and other creatures of the deep… Read more

A woman in black catering costume holds up a tray of potato bake in kitchen surroundings.

Veggie burgers, gnocchi and sticky date pudding - the dinner menu at the end of the earth

The Australian Antarctic Program is preparing to send 42 expeditioners to… Read more

A man holding a small operating console for a scientific instrument.

Measuring sea ice from all angles

After a record decline in winter sea-ice extent this year, Australian… Read more

A tractor works on ice under a deep blue sky.

Wilkins Aerodrome ready for touchdown as busy summer season gets started

The Wilkins Aerodrome is prepped and ready for one of its busiest ever… Read more

A woman in an orange work vest holding a small control box for a snow measurement instrument.

Sea ice research from pole to pole

Inaugural Mertz Fellow and snow physics researcher Dr Amy Macfarlane is… Read more

Skua and baby sitting on a rock

Australian scientists monitor bird flu risk in Antarctica

Seabird experts working with the Australian Antarctic Program are keeping… Read more

A map showing the location of a proposed observing system, and images showing different types of sea ice

New Antarctic observing system proposed

Scientists have proposed a new ocean–sea ice–atmosphere observing system… Read more

A woman in dark navy dress stands in the snow reading from a program

‘It’s not about leading the charge’: The high-stakes test for Antarctic leadership

The selection process starts with 400 applications. Only seven are chosen… Read more

Southern Ocean Survivor

The southern giant petrel is one of Australia’s iconic seabirds. With a… Read more

Ice forming on a lake surface surrounded by snow covered hills

Rare ice formation on Antarctic salt lake

Antarctic expeditioners have witnessed a rare event – ice forming on a… Read more

Satellite image showing cracks and ocean leads in ice

Lessons from space

New Antarctic expeditioners are getting lessons from space, with… Read more

Yellow tents and orange 'melons' on rocky ground.

Antarctic field camp – call for public comment

The Australian Antarctic Division proposes to provide planning support… Read more

Close-up of 3 krill

World Krill Day

On World Krill Day the Australian Antarctic Program celebrates all things… Read more

A woman in an orange vest holding an orange hard hat standing in front of the bow of a red ship with the name Nuyina

A taste for shipping

After 41 years with the Australian Antarctic Division, Leanne Millhouse… Read more

A rocky outcrop and distant snow-covered mountain range

Cool change for West Antarctica

After 20 years of rapid warming West Antarctica is now experiencing a cool… Read more

An Adelie penguin sitting on its pebbly nest surrounded by poo squirts

DNA Detectives: New ways to spot Southern Ocean hitchhikers

Scientists are using DNA to bolster biosecurity surveillance in East… Read more

Celebrating 75 years of ANARE

It’s been more than 75 years since of the formation of Australian National… Read more

Australian Antarctic Medal recipients announced

Three long-time contributors to Australia’s scientific and logistical… Read more

A man in a yellow jacket and beanie

Illustrious career on ice

After 29 years, the leader of Australia’s Antarctic Climate program, Dr… Read more

A helicopter hovering above RSV Nuyina's rear helideck.

That’s a wrap: Australia’s Antarctic season over

Australia's Antarctic season has wrapped up with a huge range of science… Read more

A bright yellow box with an octopus attached

Kombi: the big bright yellow box spying on Antarctic krill

Lights, camera, krill Read more

A large icebreaker on Hobart's River Derwent

RSV Nuyina conducts sea trials in Hobart

Tests undertaken on the River Derwent Read more

A large icebreaker arrives in Hobart in calm seas and clear skies

RSV Nuyina prepares for a busy year ahead

RSV Nuyina returns to service with cargo delivery and ice trials ahead Read more

Tents set up among the rocks, surrounded by snow and blue skies

Happy campers: research site ready for major Antarctic science campaign

A new deep-field camp has been established in the Bunger Hills, near the… Read more

Renovation of Argentinian Antarctic base open for comment

A proposed renovation of Argentina’s Petrel Base, on Dundee Island in… Read more

Three people seated at a table with a graphic of Antarctica pictured on a large monitor behind them.

Nilas – a new interactive research tool for the Antarctic sea-ice zone

A new interactive Antarctic map promises to assist voyage planning and… Read more

A blue whale blowing air from its nostrils.

From video to AI: learning more about Antarctic blue whales

Video tracking of Antarctic blue whales has provided tantalising glimpses… Read more

A person holds a metre long ice core near a freezer

Ice mission success into deep Antarctica

Australia has opened a new chapter on Antarctic science after completing… Read more

Two women in lab coats standing side by side

New guidelines support best practice in environmental DNA testing

New best practice guidelines will help Antarctic scientists and others to… Read more

Three people in a 6 metre boat, one standing on the bowsprit, approach a surfacing 30 metre-long Antarctic blue whale.

Tag team: a tale of two Antarctic blue whales

For the first time, the satellite tracks of two Antarctic blue whales… Read more

A man in yellow cold weather gear stands on snow

AAD Director announces retirement

The Director of the Australian Antarctic Division, Mr Kim Ellis, has… Read more

A woman in a white lab coat standing at a laboratory bench, smiling at the camera.

DNA detector exposes hidden Antarctic krill

Scientists have developed a DNA-based method to identify Antarctic krill… Read more

Leading, teaching, training: a snapshot of the women behind the 2022–2023 Antarctic season

Antarctica is the most isolated and remote continent on Earth in more ways… Read more

Five people gathered around a remotely operated vehicle in an electronics laboratory.

Robots to enhance Australia’s Antarctic activities

Robots will help Australian Antarctic scientists and other Antarctic… Read more

A woman smiles from the cockpit of a small plane

From the desert to Davis: Karen Pye takes on a new remote challenge in Antarctica

This year’s Davis research station leader is Karen Pye. Affectionately… Read more

People in blue hospital gowns prepare for a mock surgery operation

Antarctic tradies return to the operating theatre

Swapping jobs in an emergency Read more

Two people standing next to a round hut in Antarctica

Supporting a busy season of science: Ben Patrick finds his feet again on the frozen continent

This year’s leader for Casey research station is Ben Patrick. Ben is back… Read more