A large icebreaker arrives in Hobart in calm seas and clear skies

RSV Nuyina prepares for a busy year ahead

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Tents set up among the rocks, surrounded by snow and blue skies

Happy campers: research site ready for major Antarctic science campaign

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Renovation of Argentinian Antarctic base open for comment

A proposed renovation of Argentina’s Petrel Base, on Dundee Island in… Read more

Three people seated at a table with a graphic of Antarctica pictured on a large monitor behind them.

Nilas – a new interactive research tool for the Antarctic sea-ice zone

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A blue whale blowing air from its nostrils.

From video to AI: learning more about Antarctic blue whales

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A person holds a metre long ice core near a freezer

Ice mission success into deep Antarctica

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Two women in lab coats standing side by side.

New guidelines support best practice in environmental DNA testing

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Three people in a 6 metre boat, one standing on the bowsprit, approach a surfacing 30 metre-long Antarctic blue whale.

Tag team: a tale of two Antarctic blue whales

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A man in yellow cold weather gear stands on snow

AAD Director announces retirement

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A woman in a white lab coat standing at a laboratory bench, smiling at the camera.

DNA detector exposes hidden Antarctic krill

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Leading, teaching, training: a snapshot of the women behind the 2022–2023 Antarctic season

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Five people gathered around a remotely operated vehicle in an electronics laboratory.

Robots to enhance Australia’s Antarctic activities

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A woman smiles from the cockpit of a small plane

From the desert to Davis: Karen Pye takes on a new remote challenge in Antarctica

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People in blue hospital gowns prepare for a mock surgery operation

Antarctic tradies return to the operating theatre

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Two people standing next to a round hut in Antarctica

Supporting a busy season of science: Ben Patrick finds his feet again on the frozen continent

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