A man looks into a clear perspex tank containing some tiny, transparent jellyfish-like plankton floating around.

Antarctica’s fragile plankton ready for research

New fragile and exotic marine creatures, captured in waters off Antarctica… Read more

Adélie penguin at historic hut

Call for community comment: Review of Mawson’s Historic Site Management plan 2013–2018

The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water is… Read more

A snowy mountain range and rough seas with a bird in the foreground.

Snow, swell and 50 knot winds: A late May resupply in the Furious Fifties

The Macquarie Island resupply is underway, with half the cargo now… Read more

Message in a satellite tag

A satellite tag, originally attached to a deep-sea skate off Heard Island… Read more

Two Antarctic expeditioners outside at Davis research station.

Antarctic veteran works with both sons on assignment down south

In 2016, Flinders Johnston and Cathy Hawkins were the first mother and son… Read more

Australian Antarctic scientists in bid for NASA space mission

Two Antarctic scientists in Tasmania are part of an international team… Read more

Aerial view of an Antarctic blue whale with a puff of aerated water rising like a cloud from its blow hole.

Listening to giants – the search for the elusive Antarctic blue whale

Antarctic scientists have released a comprehensive snapshot of blue whales… Read more

A group of people stand smiling in front of the icebreaker RSV Nuyina, with Murphy the guide dog and a plastic collection dog.

Much loved station mascot returns to sub-Antarctic

Stay was a well-travelled Antarctic mascot who helped raised thousands of… Read more

Modern mapping at Mawson

Seafloor features and potential shipping hazards on the approach to Mawson… Read more

High up view of Macquarie Island station with narrow isthmus in the foreground and high hills at the back

Seismic rumbles send Macquarie Island expeditioners up the hill

Expeditioners at Macquarie Island have been rattled by several earthquakes… Read more

A woman in red Antarctic gear and an AAP beanie smiling into the camera

Seabird, seal monitoring crucial as Avian Influenza reaches Antarctica

Seabird and seal monitoring has taken on new urgency after Avian Influenza… Read more

Thick sea ice blanketing the southern ocean.

The lows and lows of Antarctic sea ice

It’s the third year in a row Antarctic sea-ice extent has dropped below… Read more

The Continuous Plankton Recorder being retrieved from the Southern Ocean by RSV Nuyina

Nuyina joins Southern Ocean plankton survey

Australia’s Antarctic icebreaker RSV Nuyina has made its first… Read more

Three figures walk along a mountain ledge covered in snow

Tonnes of rock and ice samples on the way back to Australia as landmark campaign wraps up

Edgeworth David Base camp has been packed up and all the scientists and… Read more

A cluster of brightly coloured buildings with the sea in the background and snow covered hills

AAD calls for public comment on draft Initial Environmental Evaluation: All Stations Operations Activities

The AAD is calling for public comment on a draft Initial Environmental… Read more

Aerial view of sea ice with cracks revealing a dark ocean beneath

Antarctic sea ice in crisis

Antarctic sea ice is in crisis, with a sudden decline recently observed… Read more

An aerial view of a ship in an ice-filled harbour surrounded by dark rock, with a snow-covered hill rising behind and mountains in the distance.

Nuyina’s Mawson voyage to make history

Antarctic icebreaker RSV Nuyina will set sail for Mawson for the first… Read more

Two people in bright yellow outdoor gear stand on a rocky hillside with snow all around.

Denman Terrestrial Campaign enters final weeks after blue skies, blizzards and long days on the ice

The Australian Antarctic Program's collaborative deep field science… Read more

Six people standing between Australian and Danish flags on a rocky outcrop in Antarctica.

The ICECAP-EAGLE has flown

Australian, Danish and American scientists are flying geophysical surveys… Read more

A coloured map of underwater terrain off the Antarctic coast, with colours representing different depths

Antarctic canyon discovered during wild weather

A massive underwater canyon has been discovered in Antarctica by… Read more