A panoramic view taken from Davis station of the sun low over Prydz Bay, with the Aurora Australis and a hagglund in view.

Marking the midnight sun in Antarctica

Antarctic expeditioners are reaching for their eye masks as the summer… Read more

Group of team members outside AIRBOX on ship

Seeding southern clouds

A mobile air chemistry lab called AIRBOX is hitching a ride on Australia’s… Read more

The front of bridge consoles arranged for a factory acceptance test in Norway.

Building a bridge

The bridge of Antarctic icebreaker RSV Nuyina has come a long way from a… Read more

Expeditioner in a tracked over-snow vehicle called a Hägglunds

Join the A-list

Join the A-list and experience astonishing Antarctica! Read more

Aurora Australis

Aurora Australis sails to icy symphony

A celebrity composer is aboard Australia’s icebreaker, Aurora Australis… Read more

The new Director of the Australian Antarctic Division, Mr Kim Ellis

New Director of Australian Antarctic Division

A new Director of the Australian Antarctic Division has been announced by… Read more

Man in snow

Dr Nick Gales ends unique Antarctic journey

The Director of the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD), Dr Nick Gales… Read more

Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba)

Natural born krillers

A special delivery of 10,000 live Antarctic krill arrived in Hobart today… Read more

An iceberg against a pink sunset.

Australian Antarctic Medal nominations open

Nominations are now invited for people who have made an outstanding… Read more

The Nuyina in the wet dock crowned with a crows nest, 32 metre-long navigation bridge and science observation deck.

Navigation bridge tops icebreaker

The crows nest, navigation bridge and science observation deck have been… Read more

A black and white photo of a vintage aircraft frame in Antarctica.

Celebrating 90 years of Antarctic aviation

Today marks the 90th anniversary of the first powered flight over… Read more

Jessica Ericson at the microscope in the Antarctic Division’s krill laboratory.

Antarctic krills’ secret weapon against ocean acidification

Adult Antarctic krill have a secret weapon for survival in a high carbon… Read more

The LIDAR instrument lighting the sky above Australia’s Davis research station

Lasering the secrets of super-cooled clouds

An intense green laser beam will soon be probing the atmosphere above… Read more

An expeditioner lowers a plankton sampling device into the Southern Ocean from the trawl deck of the Aurora Australis.

An Antarctic silk-and-plankton sandwich

The Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) traps plankton swimming in the… Read more

The Nuyina’s name panel is in place above the watertight hull, as other components of the superstructure (area above the hull) are being prepared for installation.

Ship superstructure on the rise

Since Australia’s new icebreaker, RSV Nuyina, was moved to a wet dock in… Read more

A green phytoplankton cell covered with round blue spores.

Microscopic plankton-assassin dominates Antarctic ocean

The Southern Ocean is swarming with plankton-killing parasites, according… Read more

Air bubbles in a thin section of an ice core

Antarctic ice mission seeks mystery molecules that scrub sky

A world-first international mission will build a temporary lab on the… Read more

A bulbous, red marine creature with a webbed swimming fin resembling a collar.

Underwater cameras light the way for Southern Ocean conservation

New underwater camera technology developed by Australian researchers is… Read more

The ship in the wet dock being prepared to move out into the River Danube.

Antarctic icebreaker takes a turn

Australia’s new Antarctic icebreaker RSV Nuyina has been turned in the wet… Read more

Italy’s Mario Zucchelli station at McMurdo Sound in Antarctica

First sea-ice landing near Italian station for Australia’s Antarctic Airbus

In a first for the Australian Antarctic Program, Australia’s Airbus will… Read more

Icebreaker Aurora Australis in the sea ice

Antarctic drama brought to life on the small screen

The first television drama series set at an Australian Antarctic research… Read more

Graphic showing the location of the new station relative to the existing one.

Virtual sense of Macquarie Island space and place

Macquarie Island research station is undergoing a grand re-design to… Read more

Alien icescape in Antarctica

Virtual Space Station

AAD is trialling a mental health tool-kit designed for Antarctic… Read more

Expeditioners save a mock patient from the flames

Fire and ice

Fire is a constant risk on Australia’s Antarctic stations, with the… Read more

A carpet of green moss in Antarctica

Mosses on the move: Rapid changes in Antarctica’s Daintree

A new study has found sudden and dramatic changes in East Antarctica’s… Read more

The Nuyina in her final position in the wet dock.

Antarctic icebreaker afloat

Australia’s new Antarctic icebreaker, RSV Nuyina, is now floating, after… Read more

Expeditioners at Australia’s Casey research station preparing for C-17A Globemaster III airdrop

Airdrop ensures Australia’s Antarctic runway opens on schedule

An airdrop of essential mechanical equipment will ensure Australia’s… Read more


Expeditioners prepare for life on the ice

A new batch of Antarctic expeditioners are descending on the Australian… Read more

A box containing electronics that collect data sitting on the ground surrounded by small rocks in the Vestfold Hills

Nuclear monitoring facility operational

A new Infrasound Facility that monitors nuclear explosions in the… Read more

Portrait of man

Embarking on extreme leadership

A passion for leading teams in extreme conditions is driving our new… Read more

Tents pitched on the Antarctic ice sheet with a solar halo in the sky

Ancient ice quest harnesses heavy horsepower

Australia’s ground transport capability in Antarctica is set for a… Read more

The White Spark Pictures crew prepare to board a helicopter to fly to the Sorsdal Glacier.

Antarctica in Virtual Reality

The full wonder, fascination and mystery of the icy continent is being… Read more

Dr Nick Gales with the RAAF C-17A Globemaster III in the background at Australia’s Wilkins Aerodrome

Australian Antarctic Division Director to retire

The Director of the Australian Antarctic Division, Dr Nick Gales, has… Read more

Man wearing a hat covering ears

Antarctic community mourns loss of science leader

The Australian Antarctic Division has paid tribute to a former Chief… Read more

Snow covered island

Sealers, shipwrecks and survivors inspire new names on sub-Antarctic island

Prominent features along the rugged shore of sub-Antarctic Heard Island… Read more

Children look at the LEGO model of an icebreaking ship.

A taste of Antarctica

Antarctica came to Hobart in August with Australian Antarctic Program… Read more

track map

Hungry humpbacks stop for snacks during migration south

Satellite tracking data has identified new warm water feeding areas for… Read more

Artist's impression of RSV Nuyina in Antarctica.

Virtual icebreaker videos

Take a look at some of the Nuyina's interior with these virtual… Read more

Electronics technician with penguin monitoring remote camera and Adelie penguin nesting nearby

Antarctic game changers — MacGyver style

Take a sneak peek inside the Division’s electronics lab where… Read more

The 7 metre long yellow autonomous underwater vehicle on a trailer backing into Lake St Clair.

Lime green submarine prepares for first Antarctic mission

A high-tech lime green submarine was tested in Australia’s deepest lake… Read more

Women sitting on a mountain with island and water behind

Inspirational scientist awarded Phillip Law Medal

A scientist with a passion for sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island has been… Read more

Davis research station’s Trusty Rusty.

Antarctic 48 hour film festival

Ice, camera, action — each year expeditioners wintering in Antarctica put… Read more

An artist’s impression of the Nuyina beside the Aurora Australis in Hobart.

Icebreaker construction requires laser precision

Australia’s new Antarctic icebreaker, RSV Nuyina, has reached another… Read more

lego ship

LEGO icebreaker sets sail on its maiden voyage

It may not be seaworthy but a LEGO model of Australia’s new icebreaker is… Read more

Picture of a penguin

Tales from Antarctica with Australian children’s author Alison Lester

Settle in for story time with beloved children’s author Alison Lester as… Read more

Photo of buildings on an island

Tasmanian based company to manage new Macquarie Island research station build

A Tasmanian based company has been appointed as the preferred tenderer for… Read more

Aerial view of the ship Aurora Australis surrounded by icy and water.

Aurora Australis contract extended

The contract of the icebreaker Aurora Australis has been extended, taking… Read more

GPS installation on the Sorsdal Glacier, near Australia’s Davis station

New Australian Antarctic Science Council

The Government is establishing a new Australian Antarctic Science Council… Read more

Man in icy water

Midwinter madness — Antarctic expeditioners plunge into icy pool

Australian Antarctic expeditioners have plunged into a pool cut into the… Read more

Man standing on ice in red jacket

Australian Antarctic Medals awarded at midwinter

A station leader, two pilots and a fisheries observer have been awarded… Read more

Dr Bruce Deagle with a test tube in his laboratory.

Understanding Antarctic ecosystems using e-DNA

Can a small water sample tell you what sort of fish, krill, or even… Read more

An iceberg calving off an ice shelf.

Ocean waves following sea ice loss trigger Antarctic ice shelf collapse

Storm-driven ocean swells have triggered the catastrophic disintegration… Read more

Photo of crab in the Southern Ocean

The deep sea dwellers of the Southern Ocean

Cameras deployed nearly 3000 metres below the surface of the Southern… Read more

Scientist operating equipment at dive hole with Adelie penguins in background

Launch of Antarctic Science Foundation

Australians now have the unique opportunity to contribute to our nation’s… Read more

Photo of the sun setting

Ain’t no sunshine in Antarctica

The sun has dipped below the horizon at Australia’s Davis research station… Read more

three people holding flags in a blizzard.

Antarctic expeditioners raise the flag for National Reconciliation Week

Even 100km/h winds couldn’t stop Antarctic expeditioners from showing… Read more

Lloyd Symons (left) and Michael Santarossa in front of computer screens set up to mimic the Aurora Australis science control room and deliver ‘data in real time’ (DiRT).

Data to the bunk

Expeditioners and crew onboard the Aurora Australis can now get the ‘DiRT’… Read more

The blades of the ship’s propellers covered in a blue protective coating

Icebreaker construction propels ahead

Key pieces of the RSV Nuyina’s propulsion system have recently arrived at… Read more

Scientist sitting on ice-covered rocks with a laptop to monitor seismic tests.

Building Antarctica’s first paved runway

The Australian Government has today announced its intention to construct a… Read more

Mount Brown South ice core drill camp showing weather haven tent over the drill site, and international flags of the participating countries

Deep field ice core provides snapshot of Antarctic climate history

Scientists will today begin cutting a 300 metre long Antarctic ice core… Read more

Juarez Viegas from the US Atmospheric Radiation Measurement program launches a radiosonde from the deck of the Aurora Australis.

Cloud study success

Six hundred weather balloons and 64 atmospheric instruments helped… Read more

A remote camera above an Adelie penguin colony on Shirley Island near Casey.

Spying on penguins

Remote time-lapse cameras are being used to spy on the love-life of Adélie… Read more

A 300 tonne steel block of the ship’s hull showing anchor tubes and three decks.

Anchors, ice knives and thrusters

The hull of Australia’s new Antarctic icebreaker RSV Nuyina is rapidly… Read more

Media crew in front of an iceberg in Antarctica

Australian Antarctic Media Program open for applications

Become a foreign correspondent in a frozen land — apply to report from… Read more

Casey research station expeditioners gather in front of the flag poles for Anzac Day service

Anzac Day in Antarctica

A veteran Defence Force Naval Officer has led Australia’s southern-most… Read more

Weddell seal and pup on the sea ice

International conference focuses on changing Southern Ocean ecosystems

International scientists are gathering in Hobart this week to develop the… Read more

A sperm whale tail.

Noisy sperm whales forage to the beat

Scientists using underwater listening devices have made the first… Read more

The melt bell at the entrance to the melt cavern at Mawson.

Keeping Antarctic stations water-wise

How do you make water on the driest continent on the planet? On World… Read more

A remotely operated camera sitting on rocks above an Adelie penguin colony.

Adélie penguins come in from the cold

Adélie penguins living on the West Antarctic Peninsula have been captured… Read more

Photo of station with clouds

Macquarie Island research station turns 70

Macquarie Island research station celebrates its 70th anniversary this… Read more

People with a helicopter and instruments on scaffolding on a glacier

Key Antarctic ice shelf larger than scientists thought

More of the Totten Glacier is floating on the ocean than previously… Read more

The base of the ship’s hull takes shape in the dry dock at Damen Shipyards in Romania

New icebreaker looking ship shape

Construction of Australia’s new scientific icebreaker RSV Nuyina has… Read more

View of Macquarie Island research station from Wireless Hill.

Macquarie Island station goes virtual

Macquarie Island research station will be captured in 360 degree virtual… Read more


Antarctic krill break down microplastics

Antarctic krill can physically break down microplastics before excreting… Read more

Penguin selfie offers bird’s eye view

Curious emperor penguins have been captured in Antarctica getting up close… Read more

PhD student Madi Gamble Rosevear holding an ice core on the Totten Glacier, near Australia’s Casey research station

Women on the icy frontier

The Australian Antarctic Division is aiming to improve gender balance on… Read more

Photo of blue ice runway with plane

Icy runway to get face-lift

The final flight of the Antarctic season is due to take off for… Read more

LEGO icebreaker

LEGO model of new icebreaker to tour Australia

Australia’s new icebreaker RSV Nuyina has been brought to life in LEGO by… Read more

Leads in the sea ice

Antarctic sea ice shrinks to second lowest minimum

Antarctic sea ice has shrunk to its second lowest extent on record, with… Read more

Photo of snow covered mountain range

King penguins may call Australia home

Australia’s sub-Antarctic islands could become a refuge for king penguins… Read more

Artist standing at easel with two emperor penguins tobogganing

Artists encouraged to aim for Antarctica

Creative practitioners seeking the ultimate inspiration are encouraged to… Read more

King penguins swimming under water.

Marine animals explore the ocean in similar ways

Despite significant differences in body size, shape and mode of movement… Read more

Three Adélie penguins all looking the same way

Women in science down south

Imagine if your office was 10,000 squawking penguins and their fluffy… Read more

Man standing on a boat

Diving into the Antarctic toothfish gene pool

Scientists from around the world are heading to sea to investigate the… Read more

Man wearing a yellow jacket standing under a flag holding a certificate.

Unique Antarctic backdrop for Australian citizenship ceremony

What’s the coolest way to become a citizen of the country you love? Do it… Read more

Two scientists, Tokyo University’s Dr Masato Moteki and Australian Antarctic Division’s Dr So Kawaguchi, on the dock next to the Japanese ship the Umitaka Maru

Antarctic voyage studies smallest Southern Ocean animals

Japanese scientists working in collaboration with the Australian Antarctic… Read more

Aerial shot of Davis research station

Aurora Australis to top up water supply at Davis

Australia’s icebreaker Aurora Australis has been diverted to Davis… Read more

Adélie penguin on a small boat

Penguin pops in

Australian Antarctic Program expeditioners at Casey research station had… Read more

White sea ice

Hot meets cold on sea ice research and energy efficiency

A new collaboration will bring expertise and technology from the hot… Read more

Close up of Antarctic krill swimming in a laboratory tank

The sound of krill

Antarctic scientists hope an experiment to capture the ‘sound’ of a single… Read more

Photo of a plane about to land on an ice runway with a pink sky in the background.

A milestone in Australian Antarctic flights

The Australian Antarctic Program is celebrating a decade of flights to the… Read more