A woman sits on some green mossy rocks with cliffs, rocks and the ocean behind her. The location is Macquarie Island.

Queen’s Birthday honour for trailblazing sub-Antarctic scientist

Dr Patricia Selkirk honoured Read more

A group of people wearing colourful beanies and holding plush toys

Woolly wonders return to Mawson

Warms heads and big hearts Read more

Get on board the ship of the future

Explore Australia's new Antarctic icebreaker RSV Nuyina Read more

aerial view of fin whale surfacing

Deep-sea ‘ears’ map migration of fin whales

Using passive acoustics to track the seasonal distribution of fin whales… Read more

Krill seekers: how Nuyina is revolutionising Antarctic research

A scientific success story on the high seas Read more

Close-up of an Adélie penguin’s face, lookng directly at the camera

Penguin heaven: multi-decade science reveals secret lives of Adélies

What 60 years of research and new technology tells us about Adélie penguins… Read more

Mother's Day 2022

Our 90 expeditioners spending winter at Mawson, Casey, Davis and Macquarie… Read more

The rusted frame of building covered in snow

Australia to lift Antarctic clean-up efforts

Australia's plans for a polar tidy-up Read more

Three people hold a circular ice core

Law of the land: Australian scientists return to remote frozen library

What ice cores can reveal about the past Read more

Two women in yellow jackets sit on the ground examining Antarctic moss

Researchers return to Antarctic ‘rainforest’

A story not to be ‘mossed’ Read more

A woman leans against a rock with an angle grinder with the ocean and ice behind her

Cold chisel: Antarctic rocks reveal glacial retreat

Picking up where glaciers left off Read more

Construction of a modernised Macquarie Island research station: Request for Expressions of Interest

Request for Expressions of Interest Read more

An ice breaker pushes through ice

An extraordinary season of achievement for Australian Antarctic Program

Missions, milestones and key moments Read more

A man in a yellow jacket and beanie in Antarctica

Renovations and good playlist: Pete Pedersen leads big year at Macquarie Island

Pete Pedersen takes on the Station Leader role at Macqaurie Island Read more

An amphibious boat on wheels with teeth painted on the front crosses the beach

Don’t forget the nails: Macquarie Island makeover begins

A remote home renovation rescue Read more

A red plane parked on the ice surrounded by people in yellow survival gear

Wings over the ice: Australia lands successful Antarctic aviation season

An overview of Antarctic aviation Read more

woman sits on rock taking photo of moss bed

Antarctic Arts Fellowship canvasses for creatives

Expressions of Interest open Read more

A woman stands next to a sign that says Casey

"Always on my bucket list": Rebecca Jeffcoat takes reins as Mawson station leader

Penguins, karaoke and community far south. Read more

Ice cliffs next to the ocean

Study exposes role of sea ice in protecting Antarctic coast

How important is sea ice in cushioning the continent from the brutal Southern… Read more

ship in harbour at dusk with mountain and city in background

Green light for RSV Nuyina to transit Tasman Bridge

Approval process finalised for safe passage of icebreaker Read more

A close up of the medical device

High tech stickers put to the test in Antarctica

A tiny device with big potential Read more

A woman smiling on board a ship with ice bergs behind her.

Ocean Odyssey: Australia’s Antarctic Voyage Leaders 2021-2022

Find out what it takes to deliver fuel, food and personnel to the frozen… Read more

A man kneels down proposing to a woman

Love in a cold climate

Popping the question overlooking penguins Read more

man with sledge in snow, black-and-white photo

Vale Bill Budd, glaciology pioneer

Emeritus Prof Bill Budd, Antarctic glaciologist and meteorologist, 1938-2022 Read more

ship pushes through ice-covered sea

Ship of Firsts

Successful completion of RSV Nuyina's first Antarctic voyage Read more

echosounder readout on map

RSV Nuyina discovers deep glacial canyon

Icebreaker finds deep abyss near large glacier in east Antarctica Read more

Hidden doorway to deep sea science

First test of plumbing the depths from inside icebreaker Read more

ship at sea with iceberg in background

A floating Internet of Things

Big Data from Australia’s science icebreaker Read more

head-on view of blue whale swimming underwater

Whale scientists pick up good vibrations

First estimates of the power of whale sound in the Southern Ocean Read more

close up of Southern Ocean krill individual

Nuyina’s first krill catch

Unique ‘wet well’ tested to sample fragile marine life Read more