The Australian Antarctic Program is searching for extra mechanics and communications technicians ready to take on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Recruitment has opened for 12 positions across Australia’s four research stations in Antarctica and Macquarie Island.

Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) Organisational Psychologist, Maree Riley said more Mechanics are needed to support projects such as the inland traverse for the Million Year Ice Core.

“This is a great opportunity for specialised mechanics to support Australia’s science and research efforts in Antarctica,” Ms Riley said.

“Our workshops deal with everything from Hägglunds all-terrain vehicles to traverse tractors responsible for pulling mobile stations deep into the Antarctic continent.”

Additional Communications Technical Officers with a range of experience across radio and satellite technologies are also needed for the year ahead.

“Communications are critical to everything we do down south, and as a Communications Technical Officer one of your key responsibilities is maintaining the vital communications link between expeditioners and home,” Ms Riley said.

“No two days are alike in Antarctica, one day you might be on the station, the next you could be maintaining infrastructure in the field.”

This season will also see a limited trial of several Station Support Officer roles.

AAD Future Operations and Projects Manager Robb Clifton said the positions would focus on cleaning, housekeeping, kitchen and other duties.

“The introduction of these roles will allow more ‘wrench time’ for tradies and for scientists to focus on important field work,” Mr Clifton said.

“Applicants for these roles need to be aware Antarctica and station life can be challenging and require a specialised set of personal qualities as well as professional qualifications.”

All successful applicants are required to undergo an assessment of their personal qualities as well as extensive medical and psychological assessments prior to deployment.

Ms Riley said community participation and care for fellow expeditioners is key part of station life.

“Expeditioners are paid an allowance for living in a remote environment but the friendships and skills they gain are the real appeal of life down south.”

Key personal qualities for expeditioners include versatility, proactivity, community-mindedness and flexibility.

Applications close on 10 July 2022.

The range of jobs available are:

  • Communications Technical Officer
  • Senior Communications Technical Officer
  • Station Mechanical Supervisor
  • Mechanic
  • Station Support Officer

Information about the roles and how to apply is at