Brad standing on the deck of the Aurora Australis in a hard hat and high vis jacket.

Fuelling life in Antarctica

All the signs pointed to Brad Collins ending up in Antarctica. Read more

A red helicopter flying over a snow and ice covered landscape

Antarctic ice runways under construction for medevac

Work has begun on constructing two Antarctic ice runways to use in the… Read more

flags at Antarctica

Preparations for Australian Antarctic medevac underway

A team of Australian Antarctic expeditioners will soon start to prepare an… Read more

coloured buildings on rock, ice and water

International effort to medevac Australian expeditioner

An Australian expeditioner is being evacuated from Davis research station… Read more

Photo of three men with some technical equipment with a rocky and slightly snow covered backdrop

Alliance partners sought to construct year-round Antarctic runway

The Australian Government is seeking expressions of interest for the… Read more

fish eye lens shot of night sky with aurora and stars

Rock royalty headlines Antarctic recruitment campaign

Iconic song becomes soundtrack for Antarctic recruitment campaign Read more

Group of people in snow

Antarctic recruitment opens for 2021–22

Want to be an Antarctic expeditioner? Recruitment opens for 2021–22 season Read more

map of a number of virtual canyons under the Southern Ocean, with names

Australian undersea naming success on the global stage

For the first time in many years a group of Australian-nominated undersea… Read more

Woman stands next to a Casey signpost in the snow

A well-deserved medal: Alison Dean and leadership in the Antarctic

One of Australia’s most experienced Antarctic station leaders has returned… Read more

group of people walking in low rocky snowy hills

Environmental assessment of geotechnical investigations open for public comment

Antarctic field work plans 2021-22 Read more

mammatus clouds

'Mammatus' cloud show captured by lucky scientists

AAD science records spectacular cloud show Read more

People in protective equipment carry a stretcher

Antarctic expeditioners train to be icy firefighters

Winter expeditioners complete specialist training to form fire teams on… Read more

People on a giant screen, man standing next to it holding up a photograph

Landmark Antarctic research plan for Australia and Switzerland

Australian and Swiss Antarctic scientists are set to work more closely… Read more

New science to improve Antarctic-wide protection

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) announces new program… Read more

jet plane lands in plume of snow and ice

First flight opens Australia's Antarctic season

Our 2020-21 Antarctic season commences with the first flights to Wilkins… Read more

Smiling man

"A year like no other": new Station Leader heads south

The 2020-21 Station Leader for Casey research station is Kyle Williams. Read more

Proof-rolling machinery sits on the Wilkins runway at dawn

“Herculean task”: waking up Wilkins Aerodrome

As the first flight of the new Antarctic season approaches, go behind the… Read more

Three people on plane with clear plastic chamber

Isolation chamber ready for COVID-19 defence

The AAD's Polar Medicine Unit undertakes medevac training for this… Read more

Two people wearing masks weigh a red bag on a scale, beside a bus, while another person uses a hand sanitizer dispenser in the background.

Antarctic expeditioners in Hobart for pre-departure isolation

The first wave of expeditioners heading south for this year’s Australian… Read more

Aerial view of green-coloured tarn behind Davis station buildings.

Making water in the Antarctic desert

How do you make freshwater in Antarctica – the driest continent on Earth? Read more

Underwater view looking up to krill swarm under ice and back lit blue water

Krill research proposed to improve fishery management

An international team of scientists has identified research priorities for… Read more

Dr Kool standing in front of an Antarctic map.

Antarctic data management gets Kool

Antarctic data specialist, Dr Johnathan Kool, to Chair international… Read more

The A319 landing at Wilkins Runway in Antarctica.

Blizzards delay first flights of the Antarctic season

Challenging weather conditions have delayed the first three flights of the… Read more

Three judges in fancy dress

Cinematic victory for Davis station on world stage

Being asked to pull a short film together from scratch in 48 hours would… Read more

A render of the RSV Nuyina in front of an ice cliff. Image: Damen

Antarctic icebreaker RSV Nuyina featured in new stamp issue

The 2021 arrival of Australia’s new Antarctic icebreaker, RSV Nuyina, in… Read more

Capturing marine biodiversity with the power of genetics

Scientists at the Australian Antarctic Division are studying small drops… Read more

Aurora at night over station buildings

Coronavirus ‘curveball’ for Australian Antarctic operations

The global coronavirus pandemic will make this year’s Australian Antarctic… Read more

icebreaker towed into port

Giant icebreaker pulls into Netherlands for final fit-out

Australia’s new icebreaker RSV Nuyina has arrived in the Netherlands for… Read more

roof debris on ground

High winds damage building at Macquarie Island

Strong winds at remote Macquarie Island research station have damaged the… Read more

Portrait of a female artist

Rediscovering Casey research station through the lens of art

One of Australia’s leading contemporary artists, Janet Laurence, has been… Read more

A round sliver cut from an ice core showing bubbles of trapped air.

The power of three – rainfall, ice cores and climate models – in Australian water management

New research involving Antarctic ice cores shows that instrumental… Read more

View of the kitchen in the traverse dining/living van showing the fridge, oven, dishwasher and stainless steel benchtops.

First Antarctic traverse van complete

A new home away from home for personnel operating a tractor traverse deep… Read more

A piece of technical equipment with a orange sky in the background

An unexpected and busy winter in Antarctica

A five month stint in Antarctica has turned into 17 months for two… Read more

Female scientist stands in the grass near a king penguin colony on Macquarie Island.

DNA unravels tangled food web of Southern Ocean predators

Vertebrate ecologist and postdoctoral researcher with the Institute of… Read more

Icebreaker at dock in dawn light

Australia’s new icebreaker on the move

Australia’s new icebreaker RSV Nuyina is bound for final commissioning and… Read more

A319 on ice runway at Wilkins Aerodrome

Environmental assessment of Antarctic aviation open for public comment

The Australian Antarctic Program’s Proposed Aviation Operations for… Read more

Shimmering blue clouds in orange light and darkness above Macquarie Island earlier this year.

Antarctic research unlocks mysteries of the upper atmosphere

A long-term study in Antarctica of the upper atmosphere in the coldest… Read more

Science under COVID-19

The Australian Antarctic Division is finding ways to maintain critical… Read more

Dr Strauss sitting on the edge of the operating table with medical equipment behind him and operating theatre lights above.

Saving lives at sea

A medical facility in a shipping container will provide a life saving… Read more

Colony of emperor penguins on the ice

New research defines ‘wilderness’ on the icy continent

Australian-led research published in the prestigious journal Nature will… Read more

A mixture of nematodes and copepods, isolated from a sediment sample, under the microscope.

Antarctic marine invertebrates could act as sentinels of environmental change

20 million nematodes and 900,000 copepods per square metre! Marine… Read more

Seeking Chair of Australian Antarctic Science Council

The Minister for the Environment is seeking to appoint a new Chair of the… Read more

Men in a small row boat measure draft marks on the hull of the Nuyina.

Remote tech helps monitor icebreaker tests during pandemic

A critical test of icebreaker RSV Nuyina’s weight and stability was… Read more

workshop with mobile vans under construction

High-tech homes for million-year ice core mission

If you were travelling in a tractor convoy deep into the Antarctic… Read more

plane on ice

Changes for Australian Antarctic Program to keep the icy continent free of COVID-19

The Australian Antarctic Program is taking steps to keep Antarctica… Read more

Australian expeditioners stand around a hole cut in the sea ice at Mawson research station as they prepare the ‘swimming pool’ for a midwinter dip

Antarctic expeditioners mark midwinter with subzero swim

After weeks of living without the sun, expeditioners at Australia’s… Read more

Woman stands on ice at Antarctic Circle sign.

Australian Antarctic Medals honour unsung heroes of the south

A diverse group of unsung heroes has been awarded prestigious Australian… Read more

Members of the AUV team at Davis research station standing beside the AUV on a trailer.

Submarine shows cold salty water slows Sørsdal shelf melt

The first use of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle beneath the Sørsdal ice… Read more

Improving Gender Equality in the Australian Antarctic Program

The Australian Antarctic Division’s (AAD) We are equal video showcases the… Read more

An engineer looks at the ice core drill rig.

Testing times for new ice drill

The first tests of a drill designed to extract an Antarctic ice core with… Read more

Three people wearing yellow jackets holding a piece of equipment with a dark sky behind them.

The sky is no limit for the future of Antarctic science

Scientists across Australia have outlined the benefits for Antarctic… Read more

National Reconciliation Week

The name of Australia’s new Antarctic icebreaker, RSV Nuyina, recognises… Read more

Mawson weathers wild Antarctic storm

Australia’s expeditioner’s at Mawson research station in East Antarctica… Read more

Two yellow tip trucks side by side.

Antarctic resupply gets truckin’

Two big yellow tip trucks have joined the Australian Antarctic fleet, to… Read more

Aerial view of Davis research station

Next steps for proposed Antarctic aerodrome decided

The Australian Antarctic Division has announced its procurement approach… Read more

A black-browed albatross feeding a chick on its nest.

Macquarie Island albatrosses breed easier after rabbit eradication

Rabbit eradication on Macquarie Island helps secure the future of the… Read more

A scientist with an ice core in a drill tent in Antarctica.

Antarctic ice cores could assist Australian drought management

Ice cores from East Antarctica could be used to improve water security… Read more

A group of expeditioners in the snow, holding up hand-written Happy Mother’s Day signs

Mother’s Day 2020

Thanks to mums everywhere, from the Australian Antarctic Program. Read more

skua flies towards camera over penguins

Migration mysteries of Antarctic frequent flyers

South Polar Skuas are talented survivors that venture where others dare… Read more

Group photo of Hobart City Mission and Australian Antarctic Division staff at head office

Antarctic clothing to help ease cold for Hobart homeless

The Australian Antarctic Division is donating surplus extreme-cold weather… Read more

A group of people holding large bottles of hand sanitiser.

Helping hand

Scientists from the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) have turned spare… Read more

snowy station in low light

World Day for Safety & Health at Work

Four small teams of expeditioners, totalling 89 people, that currently… Read more

Australian Antarctic scientists on the sea-ice

Strategic plan charts course for Antarctic science

Ground-breaking climate research of million-year old ice and studies into… Read more

people stand on sea ice with cliff in background

Antarctic Anzac Day 2020

Our Antarctic and sub-Antarctic research stations observed ANZAC Day in… Read more

old buildings in foreground, new in background

Call for community comment on Mawson Station heritage management plan

The Australian Antarctic Division is inviting comment on the Heritage… Read more

Antarctic station in winter

Top tips: isolate like an Antarctican

For people living in isolation to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the… Read more

Antarctic station under dark clouds

Impacts of COVID-19 on the Australian Antarctic Program

The coronavirus pandemic is having a significant impact on all aspects of… Read more

Dr Dana Bergstrom at work in Antarctica.

First Antarctic heatwave recorded at Casey research station

The first reported heatwave event at Casey research station was recorded… Read more

Icebreaker ship in the ocean

New plan for Australian Antarctic shipping

The Australian Antarctic Division will use the icebreaker MPV Everest to… Read more

Aerial view of the Aurora Australis icebreaker

Australia’s icebreaker arrives in Hobart after final Antarctic voyage

Australia’s icebreaker RSV Aurora Australis has arrived into its homeport… Read more

Tractor with artwork decal

Tasmanian company to build Antarctic sleds

A Tasmanian engineering company has been awarded a multi-million dollar… Read more

A Weddell seal with an icefish in East Antarctica.

Antarctic marine predators tracked to Areas of Ecological Significance

New ecologically important areas around Antarctica have been identified… Read more

orange ship with Hobart in background

International Antarctic conferences cancelled due to coronavirus

Two major international Antarctic meetings due to be held in Hobart in… Read more

orchestra plays symphony

National radio broadcast of symphony for Aurora Australis

A new symphony composed while travelling to Antarctica on the RSV Aurora… Read more

The front entrance to the Australian Antarctic Division’s Kingston site

Australian Antarctic Division site closures

The Australian Antarctic Division has closed its offices to the general… Read more


Australia conducts Treaty inspections of six Antarctic stations

A high-level team has successfully completed Australia’s most extensive… Read more

Australia’s Airbus A319 on the ground at McMurdo base, during medical evacuation of an expeditioner

Australian medevac of Antarctic expeditioner

In a 3500 kilometre mercy dash from Hobart, the Australian Antarctic… Read more

Rocky landscape

Proposed Davis aerodrome subject to further environmental assessment

The proposed Davis aerodrome will be subject to further scrutiny under… Read more

Expeditioners holding up flares to farewell the Aurora Australis icebreaker

Final voyage of icebreaker Aurora Australis departs

The final voyage of Australia’s Antarctic icebreaker RSV Aurora Australis… Read more

group of people in snow

Gender equality central to Antarctic endeavours

The central role played by women in the success of the Australian… Read more

man with audio recorder on ice

New symphony celebrates a life of icy service

The world premiere of a symphony celebrating Australia’s Antarctic… Read more

Aerial photo of the icebreaker ship beside a wharf in Romania.

Nuyina delayed arrival into Hobart

The arrival of Australia’s new icebreaker RSV Nuyina to its homeport of… Read more

Hercules C-130J crew and Wilkins Aerodrome staff

First Hercules flight from Australia to our Antarctic ice runway

A newly modified Hercules aircraft has landed at Australia’s glacial… Read more

geotextile completely covering mega-pile

Fuel munching microbes clean up Antarctica

Australian scientists have designed and built a luxury dirt ‘hotel’ in… Read more

Artist standing at easel with two emperor penguins tobogganing

Seeking artistic inspiration from the deep south

A rare opportunity for artists to travel to Antarctica and the Southern… Read more

view of ice runway through airplane window

Weather window opens for Wilkins ice runway

Australia’s Antarctic ice runway at Wilkins Aerodrome will re-open for… Read more

Three types of electrical-optical-mechanical cables to be used on the Nuyina.

Science at the speed of light

Deep ocean systems on board Australia’s new icebreaker, RSV Nuyina, will… Read more

The edge of a glacier in the Southern Ocean.

Model project to improve sea level rise projections

New research will help improve predictions of future sea level rise by… Read more

Aerial view of ice runway, buildings and large aircraft on ground in the expanse of the ice sheet

Wilkins runway delayed opening

Flights to Australia’s Antarctic ice runway have been postponed or… Read more

aerial view of Mawson station in snow

Nuclear watchdog ‘sniffs’ the wind at Mawson

An ordinary-looking shipping container at Australia’s Mawson research… Read more

two men with large auger on sea ice

Biodiversity hotspots revealed by remote-controlled mini-sub

Marine biologists are flying a bespoke mini-submarine under the sea ice to… Read more

two scientists on rocky shore beside lake

Layered lakes in the Vestfold Hills

Complex lake systems around the proposed site of the Davis aerodrome are… Read more

Two scientists looking at quartz rock with algae on the underside

Looking for tiny plants in a salty desert

Ecologists are searching for cryptic plant life near Davis research… Read more

Dr Kathryn Brown (left) and Dr Catherine King collect soil samples amongst ice and rocks in Antarctica.

Cultured worms used to assess contamination in Antarctic sites

Thousands of microscopic Antarctic worms have been grown in the laboratory… Read more

Rocky landscape

Selecting a suitable site

An ice free site in the Vestfold Hills near Davis research station has… Read more

Aerial photo of the Nuyina beside the wharf in Romania.

New icebreaker propels to life

The propulsion system of Australia’s icebreaker, RSV Nuyina, has heaved to… Read more

Macquarie Island station

Precautionary measures against novel coronavirus

The Australian Antarctic Program is taking precautionary measures to… Read more

Australian Antarctic Division Electronics Design Engineer, Mark, Milnes with the test device for the Nuyina’s fibre optic and electrical cables, which was designed and built in-house.

Shining a light on deep sea cables

A deep-water laser for testing fibre optic cables on the icebreaker RSV… Read more

Two scientists standing in front of a field hut

Getting personal with the penguins

A summer of seabird research on a remote island off the coast of… Read more

Two parachutes being deployed from a plane

Australia lands precision Antarctic airdrop

For the first time, two new parachute systems have been successfully used… Read more

Landscape of rocky hills

Australia’s proposed Antarctic aerodrome open for comment

A proposal for a new aerodrome, with a paved runway, near Australia’s… Read more

Two men shaking hands

The coolest way to become an Aussie

An Irish-born carpenter has taken his Australian Citizenship Pledge at the… Read more

group of people standing in front of building

Antarctic neighbours meet for science symposium

Expeditioners from four nations with neighbouring stations in East… Read more

A southern elephant seal lies in front of rusty trypots on a beach at Heard Island.

Sealers’ ships immortalised on remote Heard Island

Ships carrying 19th century sealers to the remote Australian Territory of… Read more

NASA’s buoyant robot on the sea-ice near Australia’s Casey research station

NASA’s icy mission

An intrepid robot designed to search for signs of alien life in our solar… Read more