Science under COVID-19

Science under COVID-19

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The pandemic has slowed the pace of Australia’s activities in Antarctica

With fewer boots on the ice this summer…

we’re finding ways to maintain our critical science

Data about whales gathered in the Southern Ocean…

is informing our international science partners virtually

Microscopic animals and plants collected from lakes and soil in Antarctica…

are being reared for research in AAD labs in Tasmania

Ice cores drilled in one of Antarctica’s snowiest places…

are analysed for their climate clues back in Hobart

And despite our unexpected new working conditions…

Our research is still being published in leading journals.

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The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) is finding ways to maintain critical science, even as the COVID-19 pandemic slows the pace of activities in Antarctica.

Our scientists are participating in international scientific meetings virtually.

In the labs in Hobart, microinvertebrates collected from lakes and soil are being reared for research and ice cores drilled from one of Antarctica’s snowiest places are being analysed.

Research papers are still being published while juggling the demands of working from home.

Science at the AAD will continue even in this changing world.