Corals and sponges under the water

Following the flow of food to the ocean’s floor

Scientists can now track trails of algae as they sink through the ocean… Read more

Australian Antarctic expeditioners on the ice

Experience the end of the Earth

Now is your chance to live and work at the end of the Earth — apply for a… Read more

A scientist sits on a rock overlooking a bay writing in his field notebook.

History unlocked with digital publication of Antarctic Field Notebooks

Geoscience Australia is taking the history of Australia’s Antarctic… Read more

A flat, rocky snow-covered valley.

Antarctic microbes living on air

Microorganisms survive in frozen, nutrient-poor Antarctic soils by… Read more

A group of 7 people standing on the deck of a ship.

Ice core may unlock secrets of Australia’s wild weather

Scientists hope a deep field mission to recover an ice core up to 2000… Read more

Expeditioner walking along a snow line with a mountain behind.

Happy Antarctica Day!

The icy continent and its unique governance system is being celebrated… Read more

Black and white photo of a ship on a beach with a front door down.

70 years of Australia’s Antarctic Program

Seventy years ago today the maiden expedition of Australia’s Antarctic… Read more

Mawson station from the air.

Nominations open for Australian Antarctic Medal

Nominations are invited for people who have made an outstanding… Read more

Photo of people getting off a plane.

Australian school children take their place in Antarctic history

A group of Australian school students have made history becoming the first… Read more

Grey cargo plane with a red bus coming out the back

'Terra’ on the icy highway

Antarctica’s newest arrival has touched down on the icy continent in… Read more

Photo of sub-Antarctic island

Hobart hosts sub-Antarctic symposium

Scientists from around the globe will gather in Hobart this week for a… Read more

Krill under the sea ice.

Krill drift with sea ice shelter

Sea ice protects larval krill from predators and carries them to food-rich… Read more

An aerial view of buildings on Macquarie Island.

Managing Contractor sought for new Macquarie Island research station

Construction of a new research station on Macquarie Island is a step… Read more

Aerial shot of Mawson research station

Antarctic research station wind turbine collapse

Part of a wind turbine at Australia’s Mawson research station in… Read more

A graphic representation of the RSV Nuyina with the two barges.

Icebreaker construction barges ahead

Construction of Australia’s new Antarctic icebreaker RSV Nuyina reached a… Read more

The Aurora Australis icebreaker beside the edge of the Totten Glacier.

Wind accelerates glacial melt in East Antarctica

Strengthening winds over the Southern Ocean could cause the largest… Read more

Hägglunds at Mt Hordern

Antarctic road trip

A team from Mawson research station headed out on an Antarctic road trip… Read more

Clouds over calm waters near Davis research station.

Searching for super-cooled Southern Ocean clouds

Atmospheric scientists will use ships, aircraft and satellites to study… Read more

Iceberg near Australia’s Mawson research station

Antarctic ecosystems the focus of international meeting in Hobart

Australia’s delegation to the 36th meeting of the Commission for the… Read more

The Airbus A319 in mid air with a sunrise behind.

Antarctic summer season takes flight

The first flight south for the Australian Antarctic summer season took off… Read more

Close up of Antarctic krill

Getting the measure of krill

Researchers from the Australian Antarctic Division have used field and… Read more

A black-browed albatross feeds its chick on Steeple Jason Island in the Falkland Islands.

DNA reveals jellyfish a popular choice in albatross diet

Albatross have a taste for jellyfish, according to DNA evidence from their… Read more

CCAMLR building in Hobart, Tasmania

East Antarctica Marine Protected Area remains priority for Australia

Establishing an East Antarctic Marine Protected Area remains an important… Read more

Hägglunds badged with mental health messages

Promoting positive mental health – Antarctic style

One of Australia’s Antarctic snow vehicles has been given a make-over to… Read more

Portrait of Martin Walch

Time-lapse photographer to reveal the hidden Antarctica

Leading Australian photographer Martin Walch has been awarded the 2017… Read more

Aerial view of Davis station.

No ‘one size fits all’ for Antarctic station leaders

Meet our new team of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic station leaders for… Read more

Students posing with Minister and model ship

Australia’s new icebreaker name providing students with the trip of a lifetime

Twelve school students are set to become the first children to fly to and… Read more

Two Scientists lower trays of sediment through a hole in the sea ice to a diver waiting on the seabed.

Fuel spills cause long-term impact in Antarctic sediments

The impact of fuel and oil spills on small sediment-dwelling creatures in… Read more

Scientists attending the Australia-China workshop at Kingston

Australian and Chinese scientists get together to talk Antarctic science

Future opportunities for science on, around, above and below Antarctica… Read more

people on sea ice

Mid-air refuel extends reach of Australian Antarctic Program

A mid-air plane refuel has extended Australia’s ability to reach its… Read more

Photo of flower

Sub-Antarctic orchid shows true colours far from home

In a world first, a critically endangered orchid has flowered for the… Read more

Bus in a workshop with a man walking past

Hot new wheels headed to the icy desert

Australian expeditioners will have new wheels when they travel across… Read more

Dr Bishakhdatta Gayen standing beside the Derwent River in Hobart.

Small salty whirlpools driving Antarctic ice melt

The role that small salty whirlpools play in melting the Antarctic ice… Read more

Photo of coins before they are welded to icebreaker

Foundation of Australia’s new icebreaker laid

The first building block of Australia’s new icebreaker has been welded… Read more

Photo of shipping containers which contain advanced waste water treatment plant

Taking the ‘waste’ out of wastewater management

An innovative wastewater treatment plant scheduled to be installed at… Read more

women and penguin on sea ice

Ecosystems expert to compile collective climate change knowledge

An Antarctic ecosystems expert will lend her expertise to a prestigious… Read more

Adelie penguins inspecting a scientist at work near Casey research station

National Science Week

Welcome to science week – Antarctic style! Read more

Photo of hut in Antarctica

Call for community comment on Mawson’s Huts management plan

The community is invited to comment on the management plan for the site… Read more

Photo of landscape with penguins

Mawson’s huskies make it onto the map

The huskies used in early Antarctic exploration are being immortalised… Read more

Antarctic krill

Virtual view into the world of krill

For the first time the public will be able to join a live online tour of… Read more

Mock patient wrapped in blanket being tended by two people.

Antarctic-bound doctors left out in the cold

Antarctic-bound doctors have spent a wet and wild week in the Tasmanian… Read more

Noel Tennant, Adviser to Antarctic and sub-Antarctic chefs.

Feeding the troops

How much bacon do Antarctic expeditioners eat in a year? Find out what it… Read more

Tradesperson working on steel with bright flash

Moon pool takes shape

More than 2391 tonnes of steel has been cut to form the bottom of… Read more

Female on sea ice with penguins behind her

Southern Ocean ecosystems scientist named ‘Superstar of STEM’

A passion for the ocean, maths and communication has proven a powerful… Read more

Photo of penguin in ice free area

Climate change may cause huge expansion to ice-free areas across Antarctica

Ice-free areas in Antarctica could expand by close to 25 per cent by 2100… Read more

Picture of man on Antarctic polaris

Passion for the preservation of polar history recognised

A seasoned Antarctic expeditioner with a passion for the history of… Read more

Person on edge of ice pool

Expeditioners welcome winter solstice with icy dip in sub-zero Antarctic waters

Daring Antarctic expeditioners are celebrating the winter solstice with an… Read more

A swarm of Antarctic krill under sea ice.

Starvation drives krill population cycles

Competition for food in the sea ice zone in autumn drives large variations… Read more

View of buildings on Macquarie Island from above.

Next step towards new Macquarie Island station

The next step towards the construction of a new station on Macquarie… Read more

Computer generated image of the icebreaker.

Antarctic icebreaker competition extended

The Australian Antarctic Division has extended its competition to name the… Read more

Man in hard hat about to hit button on panel

Construction of Australia’s new icebreaker commences

Construction of Australia’s new Antarctic icebreaker has begun with a… Read more

The ANSTO radon detector inside the clean air laboratory.

Radioactive gas leaks atmospheric secrets

Radioactive radon gas is helping scientists understand the mixing and… Read more

A319 at Wilkins

Australian students chance to fly to Antarctica

An Antarctic experience of a lifetime is on offer for Australian students… Read more

Casey Anzac Day service

Anzac spirit alive in Antarctica

As the sun rose across Antarctica, Australian expeditioners braved below… Read more

Humpback whale with whale cam tag

Whale cams reveal ocean giant’s feeding habits

Electronic tags with ‘whale cams’ deployed on humpback whales in… Read more

Speculative fiction author Sean Williams beside the Casey station sign.

Antarctic Arts Fellowship offers icy inspiration

Artists and writers keen for an icy inspiration are invited to apply for… Read more

A small white flower at the end of a fleshy leaved stem of Galium antarcticum.

Chance discovery triples critically endangered plant population

A new population of ‘sub-Antarctic bedstraw’ has been discovered on… Read more

Adélie penguins, near Casey research station

Millions of Adélie penguins call Antarctica home

Scientists have their best estimate yet of how many Adélie penguins live… Read more

A black-browed albatross with chick, on Macquarie Island.

Call for public comment on draft seabird Threat Abatement Plan

Public comment is being sought on the draft Threat abatement plan for the… Read more

President of Korea’s National Institute of Fisheries Science, Dr Kang Joon Seog and Director of the Australian Antarctic Division, Dr Nick Gales, signing the agreement in Hobart

New agreement on non-lethal whale research

Australia and the Republic of Korea today signed a new agreement to… Read more


Report highlights continuing change in Antarctica

The Antarctic environment is generally in good condition however it is… Read more

Pack ice in the ocean, seen from the plane, looking like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Reflections on returning from Antarctica

Australian Antarctic Arts Fellow and author Dr Sean Williams reflects on… Read more

Krill biologist Dr So Kawaguchi with a beaker of krill

Insightful approach to aging Antarctic krill

For the first time scientists have been able to determine the age of… Read more

Phytoplankton cell

Big changes predicted for the smallest Southern Ocean species

Stronger winds, increased warming, ocean acidification and declining sea… Read more

Antarctic circle sign

An Arts Fellow’s eye on Antarctica

Speculative fiction author and Australian Antarctic Arts Fellow Dr Sean… Read more

Antarctic petrel

New Antarctic conservation laws

Antarctic animals and plants will be better protected by new conservation… Read more

Nuyina in the dry dock with two cranes installed.

Nuyina cranes and funnels

The RSV Nuyina’s two 55 tonne cranes are now installed, and the aluminium… Read more

Model of the new icebreaker

Model of Australia’s new Antarctic icebreaker on public display

A model of Australia’s new Antarctic icebreaker will be on public display… Read more

A319 at Troll

Airborne in Antarctica

Australia’s aviation assets are airborne across the icy continent in… Read more

Man holding bucket of rubbish

Clean Up Australia event in Antarctica

The summer snow-melt at Casey research station has provided the perfect… Read more

Casey expeditioners enjoying Australia Day

Australia Day in Antarctica

It’s a long way from Bondi beach and a fair few degrees colder, but… Read more

Black browed albatross chick

Beautiful black browed albatross a focus on Macquarie Island

Scientists have successfully deployed miniature GPS loggers on threatened… Read more

Weather observer, Bob Dingle, using a theodolite near Mawson Station in February 1955.

Antarctic pioneer and war hero remembered

Former Antarctic weather observer and war hero, Bob Dingle, has been… Read more

Flag being erected at Davis in 1957

Davis research station 60th anniversary

Today marks 60 years since Australia established its second research… Read more