Lowering ROV

Rare glimpse into Antarctic underwater world

An underwater robot has captured a rare glimpse beneath the Antarctic sea… Read more

Dr Sean Williams

Aliens in Antarctica

Australian speculative fiction author Dr Sean Williams has been awarded… Read more

Dr Tas van Ommen

Australia on track to find the world’s oldest Antarctic ice

Australian and international scientists have identified potential sites to… Read more

Frydenberg opens East Wing

New accommodation facility at Casey research station

Australia’s Casey research station will be able to support more scientists… Read more

Shaun Gillies

Call Antarctica home on the experience of a lifetime

Are you looking to have the experience of a lifetime? Why not apply for a… Read more

Australia’s new icebreaker

Next generation to name Antarctic ship of the future

Children across the country will get the chance to be part of Australia’s… Read more

Photo of fuel drop

Deep-field air drop supports Antarctic science

A Royal Australian Air Force C-17A Globemaster III has successfully… Read more

An adult grey petrel with its chick on the nest.

Threatened sea-bird travels thousands of kilometres to feed

Scientists on sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island have used satellite tags to… Read more

The Aurora Australis in the pack ice, as viewed from a remotely piloted aircraft, or drone.

Eye in the sky

Remotely piloted aircraft continue to illustrate their usefulness as an… Read more

Antarctic Krill

Krill take to the air for science

The Australian Antarctic Division will attempt to fly thousands of live… Read more

Dr Sue Cook (right) and two helpers install the GPS and solar panels on the Sørsdal Glacier in 2015–16.

Sørsdal Glacier dynamics

Follow scientists working to understand what drives ice shelf thinning, in… Read more

The Governor General (right) and Australian Antarctic Division Director Dr Nick Gales at Wilkins Aerodrome with the C17-A aircraft behind them.

Governor General visits Australian Antarctic Territory

The Governor-General, His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter… Read more

Casey research Station Leader Paul Ross.

Australian Antarctic Station Leaders 2016–17

A new leadership team is taking the helm at Australia’s Antarctic research… Read more

White poo squirting from Shy Albatross rear

New protocol to collect dietary facts from faeces

New guidelines for collecting scat samples from marine predators have been… Read more

Adelie penguins walking on ice

Australia welcomes agreement on a new Marine Protected Area in the Southern Ocean

Australia has welcomed the establishment of a new Marine Protected Area in… Read more

Totten glacier

Impact of East Antarctic glacial melt on sea-level rise

The Australian Antarctic Program will study two glaciers, the Totten and… Read more

Photo of Cape petrels on iceberg

Australia continues to fly the flag for marine protected areas in East Antarctica

Australia will continue its push for marine protected areas in East… Read more

Photo of Macquarie island research station

Government invests in new station on Macquarie Island

Statement regarding Government investment in a new station on Macquarie… Read more

Social club president Mel Pike and BreastScreen Tasmania representative Lyn Gibson standing in front of the pink Hägglunds outside of the Antarctic Division in Kingston Tasmania

Antarctic snow vehicle goes pink in support of hope

One of Australia’s tracked Antarctic snow vehicles has been painted pink… Read more

Zac Alderman

Expeditioners learn the ropes in pre-departure training

Antarctic expeditioners have been learning the ropes and playing with fire… Read more

1991 delegation signing

Celebrating 25 years of environmental protection for Antarctica

A quarter of a century after the landmark decision to ban mining in… Read more

Snow blowers at work on the Wilkins runway

Preparing Australia’s Antarctic ice runway

Sub-zero temperatures and snow blowers are the order of the day at… Read more

The Aurora Australis unloading cargo on the sea ice at Davis.

Resupply contingency plans for early sea-ice retreat

The Australian Antarctic Division is putting in place contingency plans… Read more


Future of Macquarie Island

Statement from Minister for the Environment and Energy The Hon. Josh… Read more


Change in operations on Macquarie Island

The Australian Antarctic Division will use a network of field huts to… Read more

Southern Ocean

Scientists study fish on the smaller side of the Southern Ocean ecosystem

Scientists from Australia and the European Union have joined forces to… Read more

City and mountain

Tasmania to host key Antarctic meetings in 2020

Tasmania will host two major Antarctic meetings in 2020, bringing together… Read more

Looking at an ice core

Scientists pinpoint beginning of current global warming trend

New research using climate data from ice cores, corals, sediment layers… Read more

Prydz Bay

Seals help solve Antarctic bottom water mystery

Oceanographic instruments attached to Antarctic elephant seals have helped… Read more

Jan Strugnell at Carlini base with the ship James Clark Ross in the background.

Wikibomb celebrates women in Antarctic science

Women in Antarctic research are being celebrated at this year’s meeting of… Read more

Man posing with remotely operated vehicle.

Tweeting drones, droids and robots for National Science Week

The Australian Antarctic Division invites people to join its popular ‘Icy… Read more

Plane taking off over flags

Facing the challenge of winter in Antarctica

Surviving the depths of winter on the world’s most inhospitable continent… Read more

Three of the minicosms used in the marine microbial experiment, housed in a shipping container at Davis

Antarctic phytoplankton impacted by increasing carbon dioxide

Scientists have found that an acidifying ocean could have a significant… Read more


Antarctic-bound doctors practise extreme medicine

Fresh snow and freezing temperatures in Tasmania’s Central Highlands have… Read more

Collecting samples

Potent mercury toxin found in Antarctic sea ice

Australian researchers have found a potent mercury neurotoxin in Antarctic… Read more

Close up of bubbles trapped in Antarctic ice core

Antarctic ice cores provide clues to carbon uptake during Little Ice Age

New research published today in the prestigious Nature Geoscience has… Read more

Expeditioner in Antarctica

Students invited to chat ‘live’ with Antarctic expeditioners

Are you curious about what it is like living on the highest, driest… Read more

Wilkins Aerodrome

New names on the Antarctic map

You wouldn’t expect to find a crocodile or rhino in Antarctica but thanks… Read more

sunrise from whoop whoop

Here comes the sun

While the sun has officially returned to the skies above Davis research… Read more

Expeditioners at Davis research station standing in line to vote at an election polling station on the sea ice.

Polar polling

Australia’s remotest and coldest voting will occur at Australian Antarctic… Read more

Australia’s Mawson station

Leadership and learning on ice

An extraordinary group of people lead expeditioners at the Australian… Read more

Professor Patrick (Pat) Quilty AM

2016 Phillip Law Medal

The Australian Antarctic Division’s former Chief Scientist, Professor… Read more

Dr John Cadden in Antarctica

2016 Australian Antarctic Medal

Long-time Antarctic expeditioners from three diverse careers have been… Read more

Expeditioners use a chainsaw to cut into the sea ice at Mawson station in preparation for their midwinter swim

Icy celebration of winter solstice

A swift swim in icy waters marked the passage of midwinter for… Read more

Photo of Dr Nick Gales.

Dr Nick Gales appointed Australia’s Commissioner to the IWC

The Government has appointed Dr Nick Gales as Australia’s new Commissioner… Read more

Susie Calderan deploys a sonobuoy off the deck of the New Zealand ship Tangaroa.

World Oceans Day

On this year’s World Oceans Day, people all over our blue planet are… Read more

Cargo inside C-17A ready to be dropped.

First midwinter airdrop to Australian Antarctic station

In complete darkness and with temperatures below minus 30 degrees… Read more

Three blue whales breaching in the Southern Ocean.

World Environment Day

Today’s World Environment Day ‘Go wild for wildlife’ theme encourages us… Read more

Emperor Penguins

Declaration marking 25th Anniversary of Madrid Protocol

Antarctic countries have released a Declaration to mark the 25th… Read more

Timelapse photo of midnight sun skimming across horizon

Sleep in support of Mars

A number of our wintering expeditioners are participating in a research… Read more

Dr Ian Allison

Dr Ian Allison receives top scientific honour

Former Australian Antarctic Division climate scientist, Dr Ian Allison… Read more

The calving front of the Totten Glacier ice shelf

Nature paper predicts extensive ice loss from Antarctic glacier

Research published in the prestigious journal Nature has revealed the… Read more

Image of new icebreaker

Antarctic budget investment

A new era of Antarctic engagement sees the Government investing new… Read more

Hägglunds on fast ice near Mawson 2013

A new era of Antarctic endeavour

A new era of Antarctic engagement was announced today with the launch of… Read more

Photo of marine debris

Australian scientists to join international colleagues for Antarctic circumnavigation voyage

Scientists from the Australian Antarctic Division will investigate the… Read more

Three blue whales breaching in the Southern Ocean.

DNA reveals three populations of Antarctic blue whales

Genetic analysis of Antarctic blue whales has identified three distinct… Read more

Cloud formations above Macquarie Island.

Eyes on the sky above Macquarie Island

An array of atmospheric instruments will be deployed on Macquarie Island… Read more

Photo of Chief Investigator

Rare krill ‘super-swarm’ a voyage highlight

More than 100 humpback whales feeding on a rare super-swarm of krill was a… Read more

Helicopter being loaded on to C17 at Wilkins Aerodrome.

Air Force proves its capability in Antarctica again

A C-17A Globemaster III has touched down at Wilkins Aerodrome for the… Read more

The Aurora Australis arriving in Fremantle

Aurora Australis arrives in Fremantle

The Aurora Australis has arrived in Fremantle after completing a 10-day… Read more

Expeditioners from Davis with an LC130 plane at McMurdo

Australian Government thanks Antarctic community for support

The Environment Minister has thanked the international Antarctic community… Read more

The Japanese icebreaker, Shirase.

Mawson expeditioners on board Shirase

The Japanese icebreaker Shirase has collected 66 expeditioners from Mawson… Read more

Scientists at work in the glow of a solar halo at Law Dome.

In search of Earth’s oldest ice: Hobart plays host to international ice core scientists

More than 200 climate scientists from around the world are gathering in… Read more

The Japanese icebreaker, Shirase, in the ice.

Japanese icebreaker to transfer expeditioners to Casey station

The Japanese icebreaker, Shirase, will pick up expeditioners from Mawson… Read more

Photo of the Aurora Australis

Aurora Australis en route to Australia

The Aurora Australis has been deemed seaworthy and will depart Mawson… Read more

Charlton Clark hands over the flagpole to David Jensen

Rare artefacts from Antarctica go on public display

The first flagpole to fly the Australian flag in the Antarctic and parts… Read more

View of Mawson station.

Assessment of Aurora Australis continues

The Aurora Australis remains in the vicinity of Mawson research station as… Read more

Dr Nick Gales with a Chinese representative at the joint Australia-China Committee meeting.

Australia hosts Antarctic talks with China

Australian and Chinese officials met yesterday in Hobart, Tasmania, for… Read more

Aurora Australis leaving Horseshoe Harbour

Aurora Australis successfully refloated

The Aurora Australis has been successfully refloated and has made its way… Read more

The Aurora Australis grounded in Horseshoe Harbour, from Mawson research station

5:15pm update: Attempt to refloat Aurora Australis as weather conditions ease

Improved weather conditions have allowed the transfer of expeditioners… Read more

Blizzard view from Mawson red shed

Air option activated as Aurora Australis remains aground

The Australian Antarctic Division is receiving assistance from the US… Read more

Aurora Australis remains aground at Mawson research station

The Aurora Australis remains aground at Mawson research station, with… Read more

Aurora Australis aground at Mawson station

The Australian Antarctic Division is responding to an incident involving… Read more

Photo of C-17A at Wilkins

C-17A Antarctic flights prove a huge success

The Royal Australian Air Force has successfully flown the final flight… Read more

Pulling the Rectangular Midwater Trawl net in behind the ship

K-Axis voyage reaches half-way point

Krill are spawning and the ocean is teeming with life as the Kerguelen… Read more

Dr Bruce Deagle in his laboratory.

Barcoding plankton

Genetic technologies pioneered by the Human Genome Project are opening up… Read more

Photo of catch from mid water trawl net

Science underway on the Kerguelen Axis Marine Science Voyage

The Aurora Australis has arrived at its first marine science station in… Read more

Flags at half mast

Body of Antarctic helicopter pilot back in Australia

The body of David Wood, the helicopter pilot who died after an incident on… Read more

Flags at half mast

Family statement: David Wood

A statement from the Wood and Macdonald families. Read more

Flags at half mast

Injured Antarctic helicopter pilot dies

The helicopter pilot injured in an incident on a remote ice shelf near… Read more

Aerial view of Australia’s Davis station, Antarctica.

Injured Antarctic helicopter pilot remains in critical condition

The helicopter pilot injured in an incident on a remote ice shelf near… Read more

Davis station from the air

Helicopter pilot in a critical condition after being rescued from an Antarctic crevasse

An emergency response team from the Australian Antarctic Division has… Read more

Photo of the Aurora Australis

Sailing south to study key biological hotspots along the Kerguelen Axis

A team of Australia’s leading Antarctic marine scientists will depart… Read more