The Aurora Australis remains in the vicinity of Mawson research station as P&O Maritime crew continue their thorough assessment of the ship. A final assessment is expected to be complete tomorrow (Wednesday, 2 March).

Expeditioners remain at Mawson station where they are being well looked after and remain in good spirits, with many starting to analyse data from the completed marine science voyage and explore the area around station.

The Australian Antarctic Division is working hard to facilitate the return of the expeditioners to Australia, engaging with other national Antarctic programs on available options.

The Division will confirm plans for returning expeditioners to Australia in the coming days.

More than 30 expeditioners based at Davis station — who were scheduled to return to Australia on the Aurora Australis – were transported via a United States LC130 to McMurdo Station, the U.S. Antarctic Program’s logistics hub at the southern tip of Ross Island.

The Davis expeditioners were originally to fly to Australia’s Casey station, but poor weather conditions at Casey saw the expeditioners flown to McMurdo Research Station instead. The Davis expeditioners will return to Hobart on the Australian Antarctic Division’s A319 in the next few days, subject to suitable weather conditions.