Jenny in the clothing store of the Antarctic Division.

Heading south from Saudi

Incoming Mawson Station Leader, Jenny Wressell, is trading the heat for… Read more

photo of four-wheeler

Picture yourself working in Antarctica

Where might you be this time next year? Apply to work in Antarctica and… Read more

Dr Gwen Fenton is the Australian Antarctic Division’s new Chief Scientist

Antarctic Division appoints first female Chief Scientist

Dr Gwen Fenton is the Australian Antarctic Division’s new Chief Scientist. Read more

photo of AAD Director and HMS Protector

Royal Navy’s visit to Hobart cements long tradition of Antarctic cooperation

The arrival of HMS Protector in Hobart today signals closer cooperation… Read more

Air Commodore Richard Lennon and AAD Director Dr Nick Gales

Flying high on C-17A proof of concept success in Antarctica

The Australian Antarctic Division and Royal Australian Air Force have… Read more

Aeroplane in mid flight over sea ice

Aurora Australis arrives at Davis station, resupply underway

The icebreaker Aurora Australis has reached Davis station and the first… Read more

Wilkins Runway

C-17A flying to Wilkins Aerodrome in Antarctica

A RAAF C-17A Globemaster III is undertaking a trial flight to Antarctica… Read more

Australia hopes way now paved for Antarctic MPAs

Australia hopes this year’s annual meeting of the Commission for the… Read more

A graphic of the new icebreaker alongside the wharf

Australia’s state of the art icebreaker unveiled

Australia’s new icebreaker will be a modern, sophisticated ship that will… Read more

Aurora Australis returns, prepares to depart for Antarctica

The icebreaker Aurora Australis returned to Hobart early this morning… Read more

Elephant seals lying on a beach at Heard Island

Size key to seal survival

Size does matter — at least when you’re an elephant seal pup. Read more

Antarctic season reschedule

The Australian Antarctic Division has rescheduled its first voyage of the… Read more

An Adelie penguin colony near Casey station.

Adelie penguin population almost doubles in East Antarctica

Adélie penguin populations in East Antarctica have almost doubled over the… Read more

The Aurora Australis in sea ice

Scientists heading to Antarctica to study the continent as it wakes from winter

Final preparations are underway for the start of Australia’s Antarctic… Read more

Dr Andrew Constable

Australian scientist recognised for commitment to CCAMLR

Australian Antarctic Division scientist, Dr Andrew Constable, has been… Read more

Iceberg and penguins

Australia seeking to ensure sustainable krill fishery

Ensuring the effective and sustainable management of krill fisheries in… Read more

Dr Rowan Trebilco portrait — a man with short beard who is between age 25–35.

Hawke Fellow to size up Antarctic marine ecosystems

The Australian Antarctic Division has awarded former Rhodes Scholar Dr… Read more

A single Antarctic krill.

Visionary approach to ageing Antarctic krill

A visionary approach to ageing Antarctic krill has earned an international… Read more

Dr Philip Samartzis

Polar wind inspires Antarctic Arts Fellow

Melbourne sound artist Dr Philip Samartzis has been announced as the 2015… Read more

Launching a weather balloon.

30 years of healing the ozone layer

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Vienna Convention for the… Read more

Scientist Jess Melbourne-Thomas

The ‘Tall Poppy’ of marine science modelling

Ecosystem modeller Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas has been named Tasmania’s… Read more

Director Dr Nick Gales

New Australian Antarctic Division Director takes up role

Dr Nick Gales has taken up his position as Director of the Australian… Read more

Throwing boiling water into the air to create instant snow

Twitter on ice

The Australian Antarctic Division is bringing back its popular ‘Icy… Read more

The wave structure in these clouds over Mawson is caused by gravity waves in the Antarctic atmosphere

Refining gravity waves in climate models

New research aims to improve the way gravity waves are represented in… Read more

Nick Gales

New Director of the Australian Antarctic Division announced

Dr Nick Gales has been appointed as the next Director of the Australian… Read more

Cumulus clouds over icebergs in the Southern Ocean

Measuring clouds from every angle

In this International Year of Light, a new project to measure clouds from… Read more

Casey signpost and Aurora australis

Tradition marks the longest night

Midwinter, or winter solstice, has been a traditional time of celebration… Read more

Flags of Antarctic Treaty parties (Photo: Andrew Jackson)

Antarctic Treaty meeting in Bulgaria

Environmental protection and scientific cooperation were key topics at the… Read more

An iceberg with a hole through its centre

Antarctic portal links science and decision-makers

A new website launched at the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting links… Read more

Aurora Australis

Antarctic budget investment

News from the federal budget relating to the Australian Antarctic Division. Read more

Pancake ice in the Southern Ocean, 2012

International experts gather to seek sea ice solutions

The impact of changing sea ice conditions on Antarctic operators will be… Read more

A healthy cushion plant (Azorella macquariensis) with other plants on the alpine plateau of Macquarie Island

Macquarie Island iconic species dying out

Old growth cushion plants and mosses on sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island are… Read more

An Adélie penguin colony is watched over by a remote camera

Secret life of penguins revealed

More than 1.5 million volunteers from around the world have so far… Read more

Portrait of Leslie Russel Blake

Australian Antarctic legends and heroes of the Great War

Australia’s Antarctic explorers who lost their lives in World War I and… Read more

Dr Tony Fleming at the Commonwealth Bay ceremony celebrating the centenary of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition

Australian Antarctic Division Director steps down

The Director of the Australian Antarctic Division, Dr Tony Fleming, has… Read more

Dr Jonny Stark lowers the slinky into a semi-enclosed chamber under the ice to increase carbon dioxide concentrations as part of the antFOCE experiment into the effects of ocean acidification

Extreme experiment under the Antarctic ice

A team of researchers diving under the Antarctic ice have completed the… Read more

Australia’s airbus A319 on the ground in Antarctica

United States Antarctic Program trials Hobart-McMurdo flight

Australia’s Antarctic airbus is being used on a trial flight transporting… Read more

Expeditioner with camera tripod over shoulder walks in front of rising sun

Shining a light on the Antarctic winter

In this International Year of Light, what role does light play on the… Read more

The ill expeditioner is transferred from the Aurora Australis

Evacuated Antarctic expeditioner returns to Hobart

A seriously ill Antarctic expeditioner has today returned to Hobart aboard… Read more

Aurora over Mawson station

Antarctic exhibition finishes traverse of Australia

An exhibition featuring a rare collection of Australian Antarctic… Read more

The patient being transferred to the Aurora Australis

11.00AM UPDATE: Medical evacuation at Australian Antarctic station

A seriously ill expeditioner has been successfully transferred by… Read more

The Aurora Australis returns to Davis station

3:00 pm Sunday update: Medical evacuation at Australian Antarctic station

Antarctic expeditioners at Australia’s Davis station are working around… Read more

Looking over the bow of the ship Aurora Australis at the pack ice

3:30PM Saturday update: Medical evacuation at Australian Antarctic station

Australia’s icebreaker has made good progress through sea ice reaching… Read more

Aerial of Aurora Australis in pack ice

3:30 pm Friday update: Medical evacuation at Australian Antarctic station

Challenging sea ice conditions are slowing efforts to evacuate a seriously… Read more

Aerial view of Australia’s Davis station, Antarctica.

3:00 pm Thursday update: Medical evacuation at Australian Antarctic station

A medical evacuation of a seriously ill Antarctic expeditioner at… Read more

Totten Glacier

Hidden oceanic gateway may be melting Totten Glacier

A previously hidden gateway to the ocean underneath the largest glacier in… Read more

Blue whales near the Balleny Islands

Antarctic blue whale song penetrates the vast Southern Ocean

Antarctic marine scientists eavesdropping on the world’s largest creature… Read more

An octopus with eggs in a glass preserving jar

Bottled octopus from the bottom of the ocean

A glass preserving jar containing an octopus with a clutch of eggs was a… Read more

Emperor penguin pair and large chick at Auster Rookery

Emperor penguins – survival through the ages

The Ross Sea in Antarctica could have acted as a refuge for emperor… Read more

A group of temporary buildings used by the Brazilian Antarctic Program on the site of the old station destroyed by fire in 2012, at Admiralty Bay, King George Island.

Australia-Brazil environmental exchange

A Brazilian Environmental Analyst will use her experiences of Australia’s… Read more

Australian Antarctic Division molecular ecologist Dr Simon Jarman

Scholarship to study DNA clues of whale age

Australian Antarctic Division molecular ecologist Dr Simon Jarman has been… Read more

Mechanical team stands in front of refurbished red Hägglunds

New heart for an old faithful

Three revamped Hägglunds vehicles, up to at least 40% more fuel efficient… Read more

Blue whales off the bow of the Tangaroa

Blue whales delight scientists

Blue whales in the Ross Sea have delighted and captivated scientists with… Read more

View of the Jökulhlaup at Robinsons Ridge, near Australia’s Casey station

Rare Antarctic sub-glacial eruption

Australian scientists are hoping a rare sub-glacial water eruption near… Read more

An expeditioner downloads data from an Automatic Weather Station

Adding value to research data

The Australian Antarctic Data Centre has recently become a ‘recommended… Read more

An Antarctic blue whale surfaces for air

Sound science finds Antarctic blue whale hotspots

Australian Antarctic researchers have used underwater acoustic technology… Read more

The directional sonobuoy used to listen for blue whale songs

Scientists voyage to Antarctica for whale research

A voyage focussed on top predators in the Antarctic departs Wellington at… Read more

Totten Glacier

Warm ocean water melts largest glacier in East Antarctica

Warm ocean water is melting the largest glacier in East Antarctica from… Read more

Expeditioner looking out across the Antarctic ice

Jobs on ice

More than 100 jobs are on offer for the 2015/16 Antarctic season. Read more

A green aurora over Davis station, intersected by the green laser beam from the stations light detection and ranging instrument.

Bright start to the International Year of Light

The United Nations’ International Year of Light was launched in Paris, the… Read more

Sea ice

Icebreaker procurement process update

Latest developments in the icebreaker procurement process. Read more

The site of the experiment at O'Brien Bay near Australia’s Casey station

Future ocean experiment — under ice and underway

A maze of ducts, tubes, thrusters and chambers have been carefully lowered… Read more

Casey station expeditioners celebrate New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year from Antarctica

Hundreds of Australian Antarctic expeditioners have welcomed in the New… Read more