Expeditioners at Australia’s Antarctic research stations are guaranteed a white Christmas this year as they celebrate the festive season on the icy continent.

There are 275 people celebrating Christmas at Casey, Davis and Mawson and sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island research stations this year.

While the station chefs work for weeks to prepare for one of the most highly anticipated days of the year, everyone on station is involved in helping to cook and serve the festive feast. Traditionally the day starts with a Christmas brunch and later, a full formal sit down meal.

Celebrations such as Christmas and Midwinter’s Day are an important morale booster for expeditioners who are away from family and friends, sometimes for a year or more. Expeditioners contact family and friends via the internet or by phone on Christmas Day.

At Casey the chef has a good selection of fresh ingredients to prepare an impressive spread after Australia’s icebreaker the Aurora Australis arrived earlier this week. However the festivities will be postponed for a few days until resupply is complete and the ship has departed to begin a program of marine science near the Totten Glacier.

Can you picture yourself here? The Australian Antarctic Division is recruiting a new team of expeditioners to head to the icy continent for the 2017/18 season. Jobs are open for a diverse range of trades, including carpenters, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, plant operators, electronics engineers, aircraft ground support officers, aerodrome plant operators, field training officers, station supply officers, communication technicians and chefs.

Positions range from six months over summer or up to 15 months which includes the unique experience of wintering in Antarctica. The Division is encouraging women to apply for the roles with the aim of improving gender balance on station.