Antarctic road trip

Antarctic road trip

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EDDIE: I’m Eddie and this is Leon and this is what going on an Antarctic road trip looks like. We've got the trailer packed full of tents, and all our survival gear and all our cooking gear is in the back of the hagg. We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz!

So we're nearly at our destination — Mt Hordern. And, Alex, how you going, mate?

ALEX: Ah yeah, swell.

EDDIE: Alex gets a little bit car sick! So, we've nearly finished putting up our tents here and once you've pegged it down to the ground then you have to bury the aprons, which is what Alex is doing right now. You shovel snow or rocks on there to keep the tent from blowing away if the wind picks up.

HEIDI: It’s not a glass of wine, but a cup of tea is just as good!

ALEX: So we're inside the polar pyramid and we're building our sleeping quarters. So we're running four layers on the ground. We've got these — that I’m sure everyone is familiar with and loves very dearly, a self-inflating air mattress, two layers of sheepskin and then over here we run a double bag sleeping system with extension liners. There is one in here, an extension liner, outer, extension liner and you hop in there and you have a good sleep. How do I turn this off?

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Hägglunds at Mt Hordern
Hägglunds at Mt Hordern

A team from Mawson research station headed out on an Antarctic road trip to Mount Hordern recently.

The expeditioners packed up their Hägglunds (tracked snow vehicle) with supplies and drove about 40 kilometres across the ice cap to camp at the base of the rocky mountain.

Check out their road trip adventure!