Even 100km/h winds couldn’t stop Antarctic expeditioners from recognising National Reconciliation Week.

Under the direction of Casey research station’s Flag Officer, rigger Allan Rose, hardy expeditioners braved a blizzard to physically raise the Aboriginal flag, Torres Strait Islands flag and Australian flag on National Sorry Day (26 May).

The moment was captured by plant operator turned photographer, Luke Hardy.

For instrument electrician, Zach Lockhard, National Reconciliation Week holds a special meaning.

“National Reconciliation Week is an important time for a lot of us at Casey station,” Mr Lockhard said.

“Personally, I have spent the past 10 years working in Indigenous communities in Queensland, the Northern Territory and Torres Strait, and I feel really optimistic about the future.

“When we woke up on Saturday and saw the blizzard, we realised we wouldn’t be able to raise the flags on the flag pole, but we decided to go ahead and hold up the flags as best we could, and Luke was able to capture the moment.”

“It was an honour to recognise the day here in Antarctica.”

The Aboriginal, Torres Strait and Australian flags will be raised, weather permitting, at each Antarctic station for National Reconciliation Week, and at the Division’s headquarters in Kingston.