Natural born krillers

Natural born krillers video

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The Aurora Australis returned from Antarctica today with some very special passengers…

25 expeditioners, and ten thousand young Antarctic krill.

Krill are collected once a year in the Southern Ocean.

Once in Hobart, 200 kilos of party ice keep the krill cool at zero degrees.

Their new home is a unique lab at the Australian Antarctic Division.

Here we learn how they feed, grow, and deal with ocean acidification.

These krill are around a year old, and can live for up to ten years.

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Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba)
Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) (Photo: Brett Wilks)
Trawling for Antarctic krill off Australia’s icebreaker Aurora AustralisThe Australian Antarctic Division’s krill laboratory

A special delivery of 10,000 live Antarctic krill arrived in Hobart today aboard Australia’s icebreaker, Aurora Australis.

Scientists on board the ship trawled for the krill on the return voyage, after resupplying Davis research station.

The krill are now settling into their new home at the Australian Antarctic Division’s Krill Laboratory.

They will help researchers better understand the behaviour and life cycle of the keystone species and how they might cope with a changing Southern Ocean environment.