Join the A-list and experience astonishing Antarctica!

The Australian Antarctic Division is now recruiting more than 150 women and men for a range of roles in the 2019–20 season.

The Division’s Human Resources Manager, Andrew Groom, said while being on the ‘A-list’ won’t mean star treatment and limousines, it’s an experience money can’t buy.

“Working as part of the Australian Antarctic Program is more than just visiting the icy continent, it allows you to immerse yourself in the extraordinary environment for an extended period,” Mr Groom said.

“Expeditioners get to ride in a Hägglunds tracked snow vehicle across the Antarctic ice cap, see penguins, and maybe even sleep out under the weaving lights of the aurora australis complete with iceberg vistas.”

“It’s a familiarity and intimacy with Antarctica that few people get to experience.”

Australia manages four research stations — Casey, Davis and Mawson on the Antarctic continent and Macquarie Island in the sub-Antarctic.

There are a range of roles needed to keep the stations running including station support, telecommunications, infrastructure, aviation, science, mechanical and medical.

The employment period ranges from 4 months over summer, up to 15 months over winter.

“The summer period, from October-March, is our busy work time with up to 100 people on station, but in winter this drops down to about 20,” he said.

“The tight-knit station community is made up of a diverse range of skilled and interesting people and most expeditioners say being part of this unique Antarctic family is a highlight.”

Applicants with the required skills for the job, also have to go through a selection centre and extensive pre-departure training.

Expeditioners are paid an additional Antarctic allowance on top of their wage, and all accommodation, food and cold weather clothing is provided.

The full range of jobs available is;

  • Antarctic Medical Practitioner
  • Station Communications Technical Officer
  • Information Technology Officer
  • Communications Operator
  • Communications Rigger
  • Station Mechanical Supervisor
  • Expedition Mechanic
  • Plant Operator
  • Electrician/ Instrument Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Building Services Supervisor
  • Engineering Services Supervisor
  • Carpenter
  • Boilermaker Welder
  • Refrigeration Mechanic
  • Rigger
  • Fitter & Turner
  • Field Training Officer
  • Deputy Wilkins Aerodrome Manager
  • Aircraft Ground Support Officer
  • Aerodrome Plant Operator
  • Aerodrome Camp Support Officer
  • Station Supply Officer
  • Electronics Engineer

Applications close on 24 January 2019.