The Australian Government is committed to leading the way in Antarctic environmental protection.

We strive to continuously improve our environmental stewardship and minimise the environmental impacts of our operations. As such, and in accordance with our international obligations under the Antarctic Treaty system and Australian law, the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) is assessing the environmental impacts of our Antarctic stations’ operations.

The AAD has prepared a draft Initial Environmental Evaluation (IEE) to assess potential environmental impacts associated with the operational activities at Australia’s Antarctic stations – Davis, Casey and Mawson. The draft IEE provides details on the activities currently undertaken at each station and the potential impact of these activities on the Antarctic environment.

The Australian Antarctic Division invites members of the public to submit comments on the draft IEE document.

Please note:

  • Comments should focus on potential environmental impacts of current and future station operations, and the management, mitigation and monitoring of these impacts. 
  • The draft IEE describes operational activities currently undertaken at each station. Historical impacts of the original construction and past operation of stations are not part of this assessment.
  • Environmental impacts of Antarctic science, non-station logistics (such as shipping and flights), and any major new construction projects are subject to separate environmental assessments and approvals processes.
  • Australia’s station on subantarctic Macquarie Island is also excluded from this assessment, as Macquarie Island is a Tasmanian state government responsibility.

Please submit comments to the Australian Antarctic Division’s Antarctic and Environmental Regulation Section via email:

The closing date for public comment is 5.00pm AEDT Thursday 28 March 2024.