Australia's new Antarctic and sub-Antarctic station leaders are gearing up for a busy 2023-24 season at Casey, Davis, Mawson and Macquarie Island.

Dave Buller - Casey

Dave Buller has returned to Casey - Australia's busiest Antarctic station - for the third time. He and his team will support a major scientific field project in the Bunger Hills - the Denman Terrestrial Campaign - as well as numerous flights bringing expeditioners in via Wilkins Aerodrome, and the resupply of the station by RSV Nuyina.

Brett Barlee - Davis

Brett Barlee has realised a long-held dream to work as a station leader at Davis, after applying for the position 23 years ago. Brett has had a long career in adventure tourism, but has always been fascinated by early Antarctic explorers, including his "hero", Sir Ernest Shackleton.

Justine Thompson - Macquarie Island (summer)

Justine Thompson is at Macquarie Island until April when she will be relieved by Rebecca Jeffcoat for the winter. Justine spent more than 30 years in the NSW Police Force. She's looking forward to bringing her team together and enjoying the island wildlife. 

Rebecca Jeffcoat - Macquarie Island (winter)

Rebecca Jeffcoat has been the Station Leader at Casey and Mawson and is looking forward to a sub-Antarctic change. She was in the Navy for 30 years, starting out as a meteorologist and oceanographer and working her way up to being Commanding Officer at HMAS Kuttabul in Sydney.

Ali Dean - Mawson (winter)

Mawson station leader, Ali Dean, will spend her 11th winter in Antarctica, after she arrives in March. As one of our most experienced station leaders, Ali said one of the most important parts of her role was building a community.