Tag cloud of words used by students in the Centenary competition. ‘Antarctica’ is the most used word.

Students’ views on Antarctic future included in time capsule

Young Australians’ visions of Antarctica in 100 years will be contained in… Read more

University of Tasmania scientist Dr Reed Burgette on a skidoo equipped with Global Positioning System equipment to obtain high resolution in situ estimates of surface topography, required to validate airborne and satellite data.

Antarctic surveys validate satellite measurements of polar ice change

A satellite mission to understand how the Earth’s ice is responding to… Read more

Airbus A319 parked on ice runway

Injured Antarctic expeditioner returns to Australia

A female expeditioner injured in Antarctica last weekend has been flown… Read more

Casey station (Photo: Robb Clifton)

Antarctic medical evacuation complete

A young scientist injured in Antarctica on Friday will be flown to Casey… Read more

Square yellow building with three flagpoles and a multi-directional sign

Antarctic medical evacuation update

An Antarctic expeditioner injured at a remote field camp has been… Read more

Snow topped mountains with glacial landscape in foreground

Antarctic medical evacuation

The Australian Antarctic Division is undertaking a medical evacuation of… Read more

Cover of the book One Place Many Stories: Antarctica

One Place Many Stories: Antarctica

A new book showcasing the extreme beauty of Antarctica and 100 years of… Read more

Captain Murray Doyle, the Governor-General Ms Quentin Bryce AC CVO and Dr Stephen Nicol aboard the Aurora Australis

Governor-General awards Antarctic medal as flotilla sets sail

The Governor-General of Australia, Ms Quentin Bryce AC CVO, presented the… Read more

Aurora departs Hobart

Traversing Antarctica: the Australian experience

A rare collection of Antarctic artefacts will be on display for the first… Read more

Professor Sharon Robinson in a moss bed near Casey station, East Antarctica

Bomb spike in Antarctic moss shows East Antarctic climate is changing

Chemical clues absorbed from the atmosphere by Antarctic mosses during… Read more

Iceberg near Mawson station (Photo: Nisha Harris)

Antarctic Bill strengthens environmental protection and safety

The Federal Government today introduced legislation to strengthen… Read more

Adelie penguins

Your vision – Antarctica 100 years from now

Australian students are being invited to be part of the nation’s polar… Read more

Deploying one of the large yellow buoys on a sub-surface mooring during a marine science voyage.

Rare opportunity to lead Australia’s Antarctic science program

The Australian Antarctic Division is seeking a new Chief Scientist to lead… Read more

Fast ice near Mawson station, Antarctica (Photo: Nisha Harris)

Significant step forward for Marine Protected Areas in the Southern Ocean

The Australian Government has welcomed today’s decision on establishing… Read more

Adelie Penguins near Davis station

Australia’s new Antarctic Station Leaders

A new team is heading south to lead Australia’s Mawson, Casey and Davis… Read more

Aurora Australis in the Southern Ocean

Australia’s Antarctic centennial year sets sail

A new team of Antarctic expeditioners will today follow in the footsteps… Read more

United States LC130 Hercules dropping personnel and cargo off at the NEEM remote field camp (Photo: Andrew Moy)

Arctic drilling lessons for the Antarctic

Glaciologists from the Australian Antarctic Division have recently… Read more

Jesse Blackadder

Fellowship to tell story of first woman to see Antarctica

Writer and academic Jesse Blackadder has been announced as the recipient… Read more

Bob Hawke and Michel Rocard

International celebration of significant Antarctic milestone

Former Australian Prime Minister, the Hon Bob Hawke and former French… Read more

Wandering Albatross in the Southern Ocean (Photo: Mike Double)

Australia’s new recovery plan for world’s most endangered seabirds

It’s hoped a new plan to conserve albatrosses and petrels in Australian… Read more

Sir Douglas Mawson at the University of South Australia in 1910

Mawson commemorative coin

The life and achievements of Australia’s foremost polar explorer, Sir… Read more

A fluorescence microscope image of cyanobacteria. Each cell is about 1 µm (0.001mm) in diameter.

Capturing the ocean’s microbial diversity

Microbiologists aim to build an inventory of microbial ecosystems in the… Read more

Dr Martin Riddle receives the inaugural Phillip Law Medal from the ANARE club’s Ray McMahon

Martin Riddle receives prestigious award

The Australian Antarctic Division’s Dr Martin Riddle has received the… Read more

Vegetation damage on Macquarie Island caused by rabbits

Sub-Antarctic in the spotlight

Sub-Antarctic researchers from around the world will converge on Hobart… Read more

Project Engineer Mark Pekin in front of the new Living Quarters

Australian Antarctic Division wins Engineering Award

A new super-insulated building at one of Australia’s Antarctic stations… Read more

The F.V. Janas under tow at Macquarie Island

Damaged vessel to be towed to Auckland Island

Australia’s ice-breaker Aurora Australis will tow a stricken fishing… Read more

Life under the Mertz Glacier tongue includes sea pens, bryozoans, gorgonians, brittle stars, anemones, holothurians, sponges, urchins, crinoids and sea stars.

Life beneath a glacier tongue

Scientists have captured the first glimpses of life living on the sea… Read more

Aurora Australis crew member attaching the tow rope to the F.V. Janas

Stricken vessel towed to safety

A stricken fishing vessel adrift in the Southern Ocean has been towed to… Read more

F.V. Janas in the Southern Ocean

Australia’s ice-breaker assists vessel in distress

Australia’s ice-breaker Aurora Australis is assisting a fishing vessel… Read more

A false killer whale hooked on a longline in Hawaii.

Untangling the issue of whale bycatch

Two novel devices designed to prevent toothed whales from stealing… Read more

Humpback whale in the Southern Ocean

Australia’s delegation to attend international whaling meeting

Environment Minister Tony Burke is leading Australia’s delegation to the… Read more

Dr Tony Fleming

New Director of the Australian Antarctic Division

A man who has played a key role in the development of environmental policy… Read more

A swarm of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba)

Seabed-feeding krill return iron to Southern Ocean surface waters

Antarctic krill is a species thought to live in the upper ocean, but it… Read more

Dr Martin Riddle in small boat off the Antarctic coast

Inaugural Phillip Law medal recipient announced

The inaugural Phillip Law Medal has been awarded to the Australian… Read more

The first Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in Parliament House in Hobart 1961

Australia celebrates fifty years of the Antarctic Treaty

Foreign Affairs Minister, the Hon Kevin Rudd MP, and the Minister for… Read more

The Mawson station winterers place rocks on the cairn holding Dr Phillip and Nellie Law’s ashes.

Icy resting place for Australian Antarctic pioneer

The man known as “Mr Antarctica” has been laid to rest on a rocky outcrop… Read more

Dr Stephen Nicol looking at Antarctic Krill

2011 Antarctic Medal

Leading Antarctic Marine Biologist, Dr Stephen Nicol, and a Master of… Read more

computer screen showing iron density

Looking for iron in the sky

Australian and German scientists are searching for iron in the sky above… Read more

The Southern Ocean

World Oceans’ Day 2011

On World Oceans’ Day, find out why the Southern Ocean is so important to… Read more

Mosses growing in a moist depression at Casey.

Antarctic ‘forests’ in focus for World Environment Day

On World Environment Day, discover why the moss 'forests’ at Casey are… Read more

Setting up the canes

Collaborative venture for sea ice science

A collaboration between Antarctic tradespeople, engineers and sea ice… Read more

Emperor penguins in a huddle

Penguin huddle makes waves

Emperor penguins on the outside of a huddle gradually move to the inside… Read more

The digital camera set up on an old frame at Atlas Cove station

Seen on Heard Island

Penguins and elephant seals have taken centre-stage in time-lapse images… Read more

The ICECAP team with the Basler aircraft used for the survey (Photo: Todor Iolovski)

Under the ice sheet

An international team has shed new light on what lies beneath a large… Read more

King Penguins on the beach on Macquarie Island

Discover Antarctica’s biological diversity

Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, driest land mass on earth, so you may… Read more

Sunrise RV Aurora Australis (Photo: Robbie Kilpatrick)

Antarctic shot snaps top prize

A photograph of a blazing red and orange sunrise from Australia’s… Read more

Aurora Australis undertaking resupply operations at Mawson station (Photo: Nisha Harris)

Australia continues to lead the way in Antarctica

Australia’s position as a world leader in Antarctic research will be… Read more

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke shakes hands with the inaugural winner of the Fellowship Dr Bruce Deagle

$300,000 Fellowship to sequence Antarctic Krill genome

The genome of one of the most successful species on Earth, Antarctic… Read more

Celebrating 100 years of Australian Antarctic Heritage

The Hon Tony Burke MP announces plans to celebrate the centenary of the… Read more

Sea floor images near the Mertz Glacier taken by the underwater camera

Glacier calving provides scientists with huge natural experiment

Sea stars as big as hubcaps, colourful sponges and feathery sea pens have… Read more

A small number of pears and onions showing evidence of rot or insect attack.

Antarctic environment at risk from fresh food

Fresh food imports, with attached soil, seeds, microorganisms and… Read more

Aurora Australis in the ice

Voyage 3 highlights

Watch a video of the highlights of Voyage 3. Read more

Cladding the roof of the Main Hut

Australian Heritage Week

Celebrate Australia’s rich Antarctic heritage with the Australian… Read more

Acidification report card cover page

Southern Ocean acidification report card

The ACE CRC has released its latest report card on ocean acidification in… Read more

Transmission electron micrograph of a negatively stained virus-like particle from Organic Lake which resembles a phycodnavirus or PV.

Virus-killer lurks in Antarctic lake

A virus that attacks other viruses has been discovered in a hypersaline… Read more

View from the Aurora Australis webcam

Aurora Australis heads to Casey station

Australia’s Antarctic vessel Aurora Australis is steaming towards Casey… Read more

Aurora Australis in pack ice

Aurora Australis nears Davis station

Australia’s Antarctic research and resupply vessel Aurora Australis has… Read more

Aurora Australis in the ice, with sunset in the background

Antarctic voyage delays

Australia’s Antarctic program is being rescheduled due to delays caused by… Read more

Expeditioners in standing in front of the wind turbine at Mawson

Lights off in Antarctica for Earth Hour

Australia’s Antarctic stations are planning candlelit dinners this… Read more

Vanderford Glacier

World Meteorological Day

Word Meteorological Day focusses on global climate. Read more

Lyn Maddock

Director to retire

The Director of the Australian Antarctic Division, Lyn Maddock, has… Read more

Researchers prepare to fire a satellite tag into the blubber of a humpback whale.

Diary of a Southern Ocean ecosystem

Electronic recording devices attached to marine creatures like whales… Read more

A Twin Otter flies over the flags of countries participating in AGAP.

Antarctic ice sheet grows from below

Antarctic scientists have made a startling new discovery: the Antarctic… Read more

An isopod collected from the Southern Ocean.

Celebrate Sea Week with the Australian Antarctic Division

The sea around Antarctica is a mysterious world, teeming with some of the… Read more

Antarctic krill

Krill do it deep in the Southern Ocean

In a world first, the sex life of Antarctic Krill in the wild has been… Read more

Winter Expeditioners at Law Dome, Antarctica. (Photo: Todor Iolovski)

Antarctic jobs application deadline extended

The impact of the devastating floods in Queensland, northern New South… Read more

Inside the AMISOR hot water drill tent.

Understanding the ocean beneath the ice

After 10 years on the Amery Ice Shelf glaciologists have packed away their… Read more

The western crack of the Mertz glacier tongue (Photo: Ben Legresy)

Mertz Glacier under the microscope

An array of underwater cameras, moorings and sensors will be deployed at… Read more