Australia’s Antarctic vessel Aurora Australis is steaming towards Casey station after a rapid retrieval of expeditioners from Davis station.

The ship was delayed last week when it encountered heavy pack ice and blizzard conditions about 160 nautical miles off Davis station.

The Australian Antarctic Division’s Operations Manager, Robb Clifton, said good weather yesterday allowed the helicopters to fly to Davis station.

“The Aurora was able to get within a few nautical miles of Davis and the retrieval of all 46 personnel and unloading of cargo went smoothly,” Mr Clifton said.

“The ship is now on its way to Casey station where it will pick up another 36 expeditioners.”

The delay caused by the ice will push back the Aurora Australis’ next trip to Macquarie Island until around the 22 April.

The resupply ship L’Astrolabe, which was standing by to retrieve Casey expeditioners if required, will now leave for Macquarie Island on Friday.