This year Sea Week, which runs from March 6–12, is shining a spotlight on marine science. Sea Week is run by the Marine Education Society of Australasia and aims to focus community awareness, provide information and encourage an appreciation of our marine and coastal environment.

The Australian Antarctic Division conducts marine research in the Southern Ocean. This page provides a list of resources for you to learn more about this exciting research.

The sea around Antarctica is a mysterious world, teeming with some of the weirdest creatures you’ve ever seen. The Australian Antarctic Division’s icebreaking ship Aurora Australis visited one of the world’s most extreme places in the austral summer of 2009 and 2010. Floating more than a kilometre above the sea floor, with the sun shining brightly in the middle of the night, scientists lowered nets and cameras to capture life in the icy depths. Find out more about the creatures that live in the Southern Ocean.

Read more about these creatures and other marine research in the Australian Antarctic Magazine:

Watch our latest videos about research in the Southern Ocean:

For a deeper insight into the Southern Ocean check out the special issue of the Australian Antarctic Magazine focussing on our Southern Ocean research.

Krill are a vital part of the Southern Ocean ecosystem, providing food for many animals. The Australian Antarctic Division maintains an aquarium full of krill. Check out the krill through our krill cam and watch a video of krill schooling.

Whales play an important role in our oceans. Find out more about whale research conducted through the Australian Marine Mammal Centre at the Australian Antarctic Division.

Learn more in the Australian Antarctic Division’s Fact Files about the Antarctic wildlife that depends on the Southern Ocean, ice and icebergs and the Southern Ocean’s role in climate change.