Dr Peter Franzmann's research stimulated the following 10 years work in Antarctic microbiology.

Dr Franzmann researched the production of reduced sulphur gases in Antarctic lakes and characterised new bacterial species. His continued studies in taxonomy of new Antarctic bacterial species has generated considerable interest internationally.

Dr Franzmann has worked on the biodiversity and ecology of anaerobic Antarctic bacteria. His research places special emphasis on bacteria from methanogenic ecosystems. He has lectured in Antarctic Science and supervised 12 graduate students.

Dr Franzmann has supported many Antarctic science researchers and students. He has reviewed numerous Antarctic papers. He has also offered advice on experimental design and working in the harsh Antarctic environment.

Over the last 10 years Dr Franzmann has gained international recognition. His work on Antarctic microorganisms won the inaugural Skerman Prize in 1987. Dr Franzmann has also won the Australian Society for Microbiology Frank Fenner Research Award (1994).

Dr Franzmann has raised the profile of Australian Antarctic microbiology both in Australia and throughout the world.