Donna’s contribution during her service in Antarctica has been instrumental to the smooth running of the community. Her dedication to her core role as station chef alone is noteworthy, but it is her commitment to the station community and operation as a whole that sets her apart.

During the summer of 2015/16 Donna’s efforts during the transition of expeditioners from Mawson through Casey following the grounding of the Aurora Australis was exemplary. She played an integral role in the health and welfare of all transient expeditioners. Her natural leadership skills, along with her caring nature and strong work ethic lifted expeditioner spirits as they arrived on station from the Shirase. She ensured all were as comfortable as possible during their unexpected stay, showing commitment and empathy to all during this stressful time.

During the 2020/21Antarctic season at Davis, where the community as a whole were extended through a second summer due to logistical constraints, Donna truly shone in her role as Deputy Station Leader. She was the backbone of the station’s morale and wellbeing as many around her struggled to manage the unique and trying circumstances. Donna’s resilience and perseverance set an example to all on station as she worked tirelessly to ensure each and every expeditioner felt appreciated, supported and valued.