Expeditioners were kept entertained this week with a delicious Spanish banquet and a poker evening

Macca's Delicioso Spanish Banquet

It's no secret that we eat very well down here, but sometimes we get something a little extra special.

During this past weekend we were treated to an absolutely delicious Spanish food night cooked up by our chef, Arvid, and FTO (or ChefTO), Alex. Laid out down the table was a smörgåsbord of food including 4 day slow cooked beef ribs, pimentos rellenos (stuffed capsicums), patatas bravos, some tapas plates and of course two beautifully presented paellas.

There were many oohs and aahs around the table as we all thoroughly enjoyed the flavours of Spain and sipped our perfectly paired glass of red wine. To finish on a high we were served fresh, deliciously sweet, churros with warm chocolate sauce.


Now, please excuse us...we're all off to the gym for a while.

- Alana

Monday night Manila poker

"You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em..."

Being away from home we can reminisce or cling to old habits, traditions that occur there and are probably still rolling along in our absence.

This is rooted in our desire to remain connected to our loved ones and hold onto those memories, and the fear of missing out on our regular life that is trundling along in Oz.

I belong to a group of friends that have met monthly for 40 years for a night of poker-Manila, a form of Texas hold 'em. This is not a high roller night. We still use 1 & 2 cents from our misspent youth. It's about the meal, the camaraderie and trash talk.

So in an effort to introduce the Macca crew to this tradition we held a Manila card night.

I am pleased to say it was a roaring success, with no obvious winner, though there were certainly some experienced card sharks at the table.

I hasten to add tokens only were used, but it might as well have been sheep stations.

(Please gamble responsibly)

- Doc