The musically talented get us toe tapping at a live music gig

Macca's MusicFest Night

Since being down south for the year, one thing that has been missed is live music..

Lucky for us, we have some very talented musician expeditioners on Macca who showed off their skills for a live music evening in the Mess. A ‘safety’ chicken wire wall was installed, as a nod to Blues Brothers - if you haven’t seen the movie, this might not make any sense.. But more to the point.. ask yourself why haven’t you seen Blues Brothers.

The opening act for the evening was our ever delightful and enthusiastic (also rather nervous) chippie, Jamie. It was his big debut to the music scene and we knew we were in for a treat when he began with Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here. Many, many hours of practice - and a great amount of patience from Curly, as it's his guitar - are definitely paying off. We hope to see him back on the stage again soon.

Our Met guys were up next, giving us two completely different types of performance. Jase rocked out on the electric guitar, pairing up with the Doc for Paranoid by Black Sabbath before giving us a little touch of Iron Maiden, while George took us back in time on the keyboard with music by Bach, Schubert and also Handel. Totally different styles, but equally entertaining.

Finally, our fabulous acoustic guitar trio - Doc, Curly and Sara - were back again, getting our toes tapping to Rodriguez, Pearl Jam, Jimmy Buffett and more.. There was even a very special guest appearance during Margaritaville by our very own Joe “Buffett”. The concert came to a close with crowd pleaser 'Rockin' in the Free World'. Rock on!

Seats are limited for the next gig.. Reserve yours now.

"Thelma" - Band Groupie