Spring brings forth an embarrassment of wildlife

Something in every nook and cranny

Macca is a hive of activity at the moment, with a rich variety of animal species returning to the island for the summer breeding season.

The young elephant seal weaners are providing the expeditioners with a large dose of cuteness, along with a fair deal of inconvenience. They seem to be finding every nook and cranny for a nap, often sleeping in doorways or shutting off roads, whilst they laze about.

Eagle-eyed expeditioners have spotted the return of the light-mantled albatross, black-browed albatross and Cape petrels, feeding out on the kelp bed or flying around North Head.

Visitors to the Ham Shack have also noticed the unmistakable calls of the rockhopper penguin colony. The little rock stars are poking their heads out long enough to show their sass for a keen photographer.

To add to the cuteness overload currently overwhelming the island, the nesting gentoos have been hatching gorgeous young chicks, just next to the old gym on station.

Not wanting to miss out on the excitement, we have had an almost daily stream of orcas swimming past the station showing off their young calves.

I really don’t think there is a better place in the world you can be at this time of year!

Troy Henderson
Macca Station Communications Technical Officer