A bit of TLC after months in the elements

Quads bikes undaunted by wintery conditions

After spending a couple months outside to allow space for equipment that arrived during resupply, our fleet of quad bikes got snowed in during the recent blizzard on station. Thinking my day had just got a whole lot busier with the recovery of the units, I was pleased to see the faithful steeds started first click and, with a little snow removal, were out of their burrow and ready for action in no time.

In return for their ever-ready dedication to the possibility of duty, the quads were treated to a little time in the workshop to defrost overnight. The following day a maintenance inspection was completed and topped off with a detail, before they were all parked up nice and cosy for the winter. Danny Phillips, aka “Red Rocket”, had no doubt at all regarding the vehicles’ reliability.

Lee King
Station mechanical suprevisor