Weather extremes at Davis

Clear skies reveal a dazzling southern Aurora display

Auroras are one of those Antarctic experiences that everyone looks forward to and that never get boring.

Air temperatures of around -25ºC weren't enough to keep Davis residents inside on Saturday night when clear skies revealed a dazzling Aurora and night starscape display. Expeditioners got to practice their photographic techniques, test equipment and, due to the joys of digital, see the results immediately. To quote Kingy: "I was super excited to see and capture my first Aurora!". It was also another opportunity to practice fine motor skills whilst wearing multiple layers of gloves.

The weather changes mood quickly here though and by Tuesday evening we were having our first blizzard of the season (blizzard = winds over 34 knots for an hour and visibility under 100m). With peak gusts around 50 knots, this gave everyone a good opportunity to perfect their goggle wearing and wind walking skills. Makes for really dull photos though.

And at some time during that storm, our station seal population departed the beach for finer climes without so much as a farewell card or flare salute.