Anzac Day celebrations, a pink moon and survival training completed for all

A busy but varied schedule ensures never a dull moment

We celebrated Anzac Day at Davis station last Sunday with all the usual traditions. As sunrise on station wasn't until 10am our dawn service didn't require too early a rise, but at -16.3C it did require additional clothing. After the service we headed inside for a warming brunch, followed by games of two-up. There were many enthusiastic punters, including our Canadian colleagues who were playing two-up for the first time. As we don't use real money down here no one leaves broke no matter how the game went, however, a win is still a thrill and it can all get very competitive. We rounded out the day with a huge lamb spit roast and a movie.

This week's supermoon arrived on a clear night and put on a grand show with star-studded skies. Watchers and photographers rugged up and ventured out to watch it rise, as well as catching it set the next morning over the water. A beautiful sight!

This week also marks the completion of survival training for all on station. Nearly all of our expeditioners undertook a range of training, including one night camping in the Vestfold Hills to test our survival system, proving to us that we never want to put ourselves in a situation where we have to go to ground for real. The training continues though, as we move towards accessing the sea ice and field huts for operational and recreational purposes, so no rest for our Senior Field Training Officer Ian just yet.

Esther Rodewald
Station Leader