The vagaries of Antarctic weather means we're still waiting for planes...

Cleaning, cleaning, waiting... and waiting some more

After two days of all hands on deck cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, the station was spick and span and ready to receive the new wintering team. However, marrying up suitable Antarctic weather windows across the continent to bring the planes and crew into the programme is proving its usual juggle. We were hoping to have some of the new team here by now, but they are yet to arrive. So we're back to work and making everything messy again - they'll never believe how clean it once was!

With fingers crossed for appropriate weather windows, the 75th ANARE should be here by next week and taking over all things, including station news, so this is our last update. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the 74th ANARE wintering team for a great season - it has been a joy and a privilege to share this place and time with you. I hope you have all enjoyed your time at Davis and seen and experienced all that you hoped an Antarctic winter would be. For those staying on, either here or at Casey, I hope you have a great summer and the intrepid adventures continue. For those going home, I wish you all joyous reunions and smooth quarantine-free travel corridors!

As pictures of us cleaning the station would be way too dull, this week we share pictures of some of the wildlife that has graciously allowed us to share their home and witness their world, thereby giving us unforgettable pictures and memories.

Esther Rodewald

Davis Station Leader

74th ANARE