The new winter team arrived... at least some of them

We made it!

You could feel the excitement this week at Davis as 19 of the new crew finally landed in Antarctica!

For all of us its been a long road to this moment, and for many a lifelong dream, so to step foot on the ice is quite a magical feeling.

It was a tricky entrance, as I’ve fast learnt there is a lot of planning that goes into not flying. After 19 days of pre-departure isolation we finally departed Hobart for Casey station, which is a 5 hour flight followed by a 3 hour bus ride. A one night stay at Casey quickly turned into two nights for 11 of us and 8 are still eagerly awaiting the next weather window to get the Basler across to Davis.

Our lovely Field Training Officer Jason took us to Shirley Island at Casey so we could see our first penguins and I managed to get my selfie with them (already ticking things off my list!).

We have been so warmly welcomed here at both Casey and Davis. Thankfully the current team still have the energy to show us around and share the many tips and tricks of running a station.

It's great to be here, but will be even better when the whole Davis team for 2021/22 arrives across the next few weeks and we say our final farewells to the 2020/21 team as they hand over their home and we make it ours.

Incoming first time Station Leader Dani