Some go walkabout... and all feast.

No one goes hungry down here!

We had our first formal station dinner last Saturday night, which involved the chef prepping for days, actual tablecloths going on the tables and everyone frocking up a bit more than usual.

With the help of many willing volunteers, Jordan served up a delicious three-course meal that was enthusiastically received by all.

Often our meal times are quite perfunctory as everyone disappears off do to other things, so it was lovely to linger around the table for a few hours and chat. Some may have used the extended time as justification for a 3rd dessert - after all, must try everything! That said, there was still plenty of leftovers for the catch'n'kill fridge on Sunday.

Not all our vegetable riches were shipped in frozen. Richo and the team continue to be busy in hydroponics making sure we get our fresh veg - everything tastes better fresh from the garden, especially down here.

We have our foot freedom!

Now everyone is survival trained, we can roam a little further afield. Last weekend we saw a couple of walking groups head off to explore the Vestfold Hills.

One group visited Law Cairn and then returned via the coast, while the second group walked around Heidemann Bay and up to the lookout.

As expected, it's ok when you're moving, but gets cold fast when you stop to take a picture. You really can't have any skin exposed and with every breath you're creating your own little microclimate. Lots of icy eyebrows and beanies returned to station to defrost.