The station LSA team have their regular training session to refresh their skills

Learning to deal with blood

The Lay Surgical Assistants (LSA’s) at Davis station have been busy training this week, learning skills to support patients with severe bleeding or those who may need an operation. Davis station Antarctic Medical Practitioner, Dr John Cherry, has been training the team in haemorrhage control, I.V. access, and resuscitation.

The LSA team is comprised of Tom Jurs (carpenter), Jordan Smith (chef), Richo Norris (boilermaker) and Ladge Kviz (electronics engineer). Before arriving in Antarctica the team undertook world-leading training in collaboration with the Tasmania Department of Health and the Centre for Antarctic Remote and Maritime Medicine (CARMM). They will continue working with the station doctor throughout the year to ensure they have the skills necessary to assist the doctor in the event of a medical emergency

The team are superb. They pick up skills quickly and they would be invaluable assistants if a major medical emergency occurred. The team aren’t expecting any significant medical events this year but we're all aware that the skills practised are essential as medical evacuation isn’t possible for nine months over winter.

Dr John Cherry
Davis station doctor