Update on the week's activities at Davis station

Sea ice is growing quickly as we settle into station life

It seems like more than ten days since the ship left us here: then it was open water, now it's fast turning to ice as temperatures drop and the days are getting shorter. The seals don't seem bothered by the changes and we have a group of young males gathered on the beach in front of station, which makes for entertaining viewing from the comforts of the living quarters.

It's not all nature watching though; unpacking of resupply cargo continues and we all learn more about our new workspaces as we figure out where things go. Emphasis has been on getting our fire response and search & rescue teams up and running, so that we can commence survival and field training off station. As part of our emergency response capabilities the station doctor has a designated crew of lay surgical assistants on hand. They undertook a familiarisation session this week, which included learning how to operate the scary-looking but incredibly useful Corplus CPR automated compression device, which can do all the hard work for them. Not that we're planning on needing it for a real case!

Davis crew