The end is near! Final preparations for resupply and return to Australia

The last weeks at Davis

For the 22 remaining members of the 73rd ANARE at Davis station, it's been 469 days since we left Australia. With voyage 1 (V1- Casey station resupply) now complete and the ship unloading its return cargo in Hobart, all eyes at Davis are now turning north as we await the arrival of MPV Everest to resupply Davis (V2) and conduct our handover to the incoming team.

In these final weeks, we have been busily preparing the station for the next team and looking back at what has been an incredible year. All the resupply vehicles have been prepared, we've filled the freshwater tanks for the winter ahead, spring cleaned the buildings and (almost) assembled the station watercraft.

All that's left to do now is celebrate our last weeks as an isolated community, pack up our rooms and move into the transit accomodation before we board the ship. All going well, V2 should sail within the week and arrive at Davis a week or two after that.