The circle of life continues here at Davis as we prepare for the next team and nature welcomes the next generation.

Springing is springing and change is coming

As we are getting close to the end of the winter season, we're all busy here with preparations for the arrival of planes from Canada and the new wintering team from Australia. This 74th ANARE winter team will split up here, with some staying for summer either here or at Casey, and others of us are heading home to discover a vaccinated world. So last Saturday night, we had our End of Winter Dinner, which was a multi-course feast prepped by chef Jordan and her willing helpers. Entertained by an amusing awards ceremony organised by Josh and Rob, a great night was had by all.

And after a long winter of just us, it's great to see birds in the sky, penguins on the ice and seals hauling out to pup. So this week we're sharing this cuteness with you with some seal pups pics from the week.