On a perfect winter day, we take our Midwinter dip.

It's swimming time!

Midwinter swim was upon us again at Davis Station (a little late as the weather had been bad prior). We had an amazing crew of people come together to make the hole in the ice and decorate all around it! This year we also had an Irishman and a couple of Canadians joining the festivities. Canada rings in the New Year with The Polar Bear Swim on January 1, so both Canadians had been in the Arctic Ocean before, but this was their first dip down south.

The temperature was a balmy -22C and the water temp was -1.8C! We had 15 (of 25) brave the Davis pool this year, with our chef Jordan being the first in. But breaking the record this year for the longest time in the water was Doctor John, with a time of just over 35 seconds! Thanks to all who made the day happen. Until next year. Cheers!

Sheldon Friesen