The Casey crew dive into their annual summer swim.

Casey summer swim

On Saturday a number of expeditioners braved the icy waters of Newcomb Bay for our annual Casey summer swim. Traditionally we would have our swim on 26th January, but it wasn't held until the weekend due to a busy V1 (voyage 1) resupply, which was in full swing at the time. We therefore rescheduled until MPV Everest had departed.

With a sea water temperature of a cool −1.3°C recorded, the Casey crew walked down the boat ramp and waded into the freezing Antarctic waters. There were many swimmers keen to get in, get a photo, and jump out again. A few extra brave expeditioners showed their steel and stayed in the water for the full 5 minutes. Congratulations to all our intrepid swimmers on a successful splash. After a quick dry off we all headed into heated Hägglunds and made our way back up to station for hot showers and dry clothes.

Belated celebrations included a game of cricket on the helipad, and a big thank you to the chefs for putting on a delicious spread of roast lamb, salads, lamingtons, and of course, pavlova!

IT Officer