The annual Casey resupply operation has been completed.

Mission accomplished

This week was another busy one at Casey station, with the annual resupply operation being completed.

Across 10 long days, diligent efforts from station and ship-based expeditioners saw discharge of all essential cargo, refuelling of the station to the tune of nearly one million litres, and backloading of the majority of priority Return To Australia (RTA) cargo. These stellar efforts were ably supported by the dedicated ships crew aboard the resupply vessel MPV Everest.

With bad weather conditions escalating on Wednesday 27 January, a tactical safety decision was made to cease operations. This faciliated a slightly earlier departure for MPV Everest for its return journey to Hobart, and its imminent preparations for the Voyage 2 resupply of Davis and Mawson stations. Before they left Casey, we presented MPV Everest Chief Officer Denis with a road sign that will be added to the Casey totem pole in honour of Russian town Arkhangelsk - home to some MPV Everest crew.

For the team at Casey, our focus now turns to enjoying a delayed Australia Day swim and celebration on Saturday, followed by a return to regular summer work progams. With only four weeks left for summer operations, it will be, as always at Casey, a busy period!

- Kyle (Station Leader).