Another week flies past for the Casey team

There is always something happening on station

Whilst ‘normal’ station life always goes on as usual down here (trades works, mechanical servicing, operations, meteorology observations, field and emergency response training), this last week has proven extra busy with ANZAC Day and the celebration of three birthdays!

ANZAC Day saw us pause to reflect on the sacrifices of our armed forces. At 11:00am our team held a short service at the flagpoles involving the raising and lowering of flags, playing of the Last Post and Australian and New Zealand national anthems, and heartfelt words of remembrance and tribute offered by several of our expedition team. Post-service saw us enjoy a ‘pub grub’ RSL style lunch (thanks Aaron!) followed by tall tales, long yarns and multiple hours of two-up!

This week has also seen us celebrate three expeditioner birthdays…which brings me to a quick aside about the informal annual ‘doctor vs chef' competition on station. Each month we undergo a medical examination which includes a weigh-in. The competition light-heartedly revolves around the chef trying their best to fatten us up for the cold winter months, with food being our first layer of defence against the cold, and the doctor trying to make sure we do not all return home heavier than when we left Hobart! Needless to say with three birthdays this week, each with a cake, it’s safe to say the chef may win this month! Anyways, back to the three birthdays. Happy Birthday to:

1) Andy Hung (communications expert and tech wiz) who celebrated his birthday on the 23/04.
2) Annette Fear (chef and culinary master) celebrating her birthday on 27/04 and
3) Patrick Burchett (heavy diesel mechanic and karaoke champ) celebrating his birthday on the 28/04.

And with all that busyness, there goes another week at Casey!

Tim Smith (Casey winter plumber).