Progressing the winter works program as the weather grows colder

A look back at our April activities

As always, it's been another busy month at Casey Station - time to take a quick look back at April.

During April, our primary focus on station continued to be winter works programs. Our infrastructure team are steadily progressing project works in the Casey utility building and large-scale sewer tank works in the red shed basement. Meanwhile the infrastructure maintenance crew continue their reliable work progressing monthly preventative maintenance tasks. Our mechanical team have been doing a great job on vehicle servicing and fuel management, particularly supporting a large body of servicing and maintenance for Wilkins Aerodrome key vehicles and plant.

Beyond winter works the broader station has been diligently completing an array of winter training requirements. This has included Hägglund and quad driver training, search and rescue training, fire training, and Lay Surgical Assistant (LSA) training.

This winter season, we're also undertaking a project trial of quad capability replacement vehicles, namely The Polaris General XP 1000 (pictured) and Argo 950. We have started putting these vehicles through their paces and look forward to sharing more about the trial over the next few months.

Weather-wise, winter conditions are definitely setting in! Snowfalls are a near daily event, with daily mean temperatures between -11 to -18 degrees, coupled with 1.5-hours of mean daily sunshine. Basically, it's getting colder and darker as we edge closer to the winter solstice and our shortest day.

The end of this week also sees Casey reach an important milestone - the halfway point of the season! 6 months certaintly has flown by.

- Kyle (Station Leader)